Web-based system from Toro Irrigation

Toro® Precision™ ET is a Web-based service for the Toro Sentinel® Water Management System.  It provides Evapo-Transpiration data with a resolution of one sq. km for any latitude/longitude location in the continental U.S., Hawaii, and southern Canada.  Free with every Sentinel software package, you get daily ET Data for a “weather location” without the hassles of maintaining a weather station: Your Sentinel computer automatically retrieves updated ET data from the Precision ET servers daily via the Internet at a user-designated time.  Each Precision ET “weather location” set up in Sentinel can have from one to 999 controllers using the ET values for precision irrigation. With Web-based ET data for smart irrigation, monitoring alerts for leaks and breaks and 24 hour NSN (National Support Network) phone support, Sentinel provides reliability, accuracy and water savings.