Gold Eagle to launch STA-BIL Ethanol Treatment and Performance Improver

At the beginning of 2011, Gold Eagle Co. will introduce STA-BIL Ethanol Treatment and Performance Improver, which protects equipment and small engines from the damaging effects of ethanol-blended fuels.

With the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s recent approval of the use of E15 (gasoline with up to 15-percent ethanol) for use in model year 2007-and-newer cars and light trucks, strides are being made to increase the usage of alterative fuels.

Ethanol — an alcohol-based fuel made by fermenting and distilling plants that have been broken down into simple sugars — burns cleaner and releases less toxins into the environment. However, many questions are arising regarding what effects a higher level of ethanol will have on vehicles and other small-engine equipment. Ethanol-based fuels can cause corrosion by attracting moisture from the air. Ethanol is also a solvent, which can loosen debris and deposits that have built up in a fuel tank over time, resulting in clogged fuel systems. This can lead to hard starting, rough running and even stalling of equipment.

STA-BIL Ethanol Treatment and Performance Improver will aid in engine maintenance in a number of ways by:

Preventing corrosion caused by ethanol-blended fuels
Helping to remove water from fuel
Cleaning fuel injectors, carburetors and intake valves
Keeping engines running smoothly for optimal performance

STA-BIL Ethanol Treatment and Performance Improver will be available in two different sizes – 1) 10 fluid-ounce bottle (treats up to 25 gallons) for cars and trucks (suggested retail price of $8.99); and 2) 4-fluid-ounce bottle (treats up to 10 gallons) for small-engine equipment such as lawn mowers, trimmers, snow blowers, snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATVs and scooters (suggested retail price of $4.99).

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