As Allen summarizes, "The Bio-Min program costs almost 2/3 less than our regular liquid fertilizers, and with half the number of applications. That got my attention."

Tests show bio-min program cuts fertilizer costs

When Allen Wall, G.C.S. at the University of Illinois Golf Course heard that for over 20 years, TurfTech Bio-Min had helped hundreds of superintendents reduce fertilizer requirements and manage problem soils, he decided that he would test the product at his facility. With the price of fertilizers going through the roof in 2010, and no end in sight, he concluded that he would be doing his golf course and his budget a favor by finding an alternative to his regular liquid fertilizer program.

As Allen summarizes, “The Bio-Min program costs almost 2/3 less than our regular liquid fertilizers, and with ½ the number of applications. That got my attention.”

He describes the test conditions: “I have two 18-hole courses here at the University of Illinois. I have never found a liquid fertilizer program that really fulfilled my expectations. I know that the less times we spray the better off we are, so when I heard that a Bio-Min program only required monthly spraying, I was curious. We chemically treated the greens on both courses exactly the same all season, except that I replaced my liquid fertilizer program on one course with the Bio-Min product. I made 5 monthly applications of Bio-Min (May through Sept.) at one lb./acre.”

He continues, “The results were amazing. The course I applied Bio-Min to maintained a nice green color all season. The overall health and appear-ance of the turf was far superior. I had less disease pressure and localized dry spot issues. Through the “dog-days” of one of the toughest summers in recent history, I hardly had to hand water the greens with the Bio-Min even though I tend to err on the side of dryness in my irrigation practices. It was a good thing, because we had the hoses out on the other course almost every day. I am definitely planning on using Bio-Min on both courses’ greens and my bentgrass fairways next season.”

TurfTech Bio-Min, is a concentrated bio-fertilizer bolstered by volcanic rock dust for golf course turf. The patented technology combines three agronomic tools in one easy-to-use formula. Research on TurfTech Bio-Min has demonstrated that the product reduces fertilizer requirements, suppresses common turf-grass pathogens, and improves water infiltration.

One of the unique aspects of TurfTech Bio-Min is the addition of a micro-nized volcanic rock powder that delivers over 60 trace elements not found in conventional N-P-K fertilizers. When applied to soil and plants, TurfTech Bio-Min strengthens the cell walls and activates enzyme activity. The result is turfgrass that resists damage by diseases, wilt, mowing, frost, and pests.

TurfTech Bio-Min is a powder product that can be diluted and applied with ground spray rigs or through irrigation injection systems. Applied at 4-week intervals during the growing season, TurfTech Bio-Min provides an economical way to build and maintain an ideal soil.

As Allen Wall concludes, “TurfTech Bio-Min cost about 60% less than our regular liquid fertilizers and provided better results. Bio-Min really exceeded my expectations.”

For more information or to receive summaries of research trials, contact Steve Nichols, Product Mgr., Soil Technologies Corp., 2103 185th St., Fairfield, Iowa, 52556, (phone) 641-472-3963/ext.105, (fax) 641-472-6189 or (e-mail).