This strategic partnership will allow Sprinturf to market and sell Limonta Sport USA's proprietary Geo Turf Systems with the patented Infill Pro Geo organic infill and thermoplastic Infill Pro TP.

Sprinturf, Limonta Sport USA enter partnership

Sprinturf and Limonta Sport USA have entered into an exclusive sales and marketing agreement. This strategic partnership will allow Sprinturf to market and sell Limonta Sport USA’s proprietary Geo Turf® Systems with the patented Infill Pro Geo organic infill and thermoplastic Infill Pro TP. Sprinturf will also work with Limonta Sport USA to market and sell Limonta’s family of FIFA 2 Star and 1 Star certified field systems to owners whose projects require the FIFA standards for field quality.

“We think this exclusive agreement represents a great opportunity for both Sprinturf and Limonta Sport USA,” said Sprinturf President Webb Cook. “We continue to see a demand for alternative infills in the marketplace and we believe strongly that the Infill Pro Geo organic and the Infill Pro TP offer excellent options for our customers. The Infill Pro Geo has proven its durability over time in the lab and field, and is the only organic infill that has been certified and re-certified under FIFA’s 2 Star protocol. It is endorsed by the National Green Energy Council as a product that is 100% recyclable. It makes great sense for those facility owners whose focus is environmental sustainability and consistent field performance over time.”

Limonta Sport is one of only five companies in the world that hold FIFA’s prestigious “Preferred Producer” designation. The company has numerous FIFA 2 Star and 1 Star installations worldwide. “The ability to work with Limonta’s FIFA program will be a great benefit to Sprinturf,” Cook said. “Sprinturf has deep roots in the soccer market. The ability to offer our soccer clients a world class, FIFA certified turf system gives us a very competitive position in the marketplace.”

Sprinturf is the only fully integrated turf company in North America. From resin to the finished turf system, it assumes full ownership for every step of the process. After the merger with Integrated Turf Solutions (ITS), Sprinturf boasts two manufacturing facilities and an administrative/sales office in Philadelphia, PA. All yarn production and turf manufacturing is done in the United States. The Dadeville, AL facility produces a wide range of polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon yarns. The Chatsworth, GA facility provides tufting, urethane coating and the fully recyclable EZ-Back coating system.

Sprinturf has installed over 500 athletic fields in the United States. High profile installations include the Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, UCLA, United States Naval Academy, Auburn University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Montana, and the new red field at Eastern Washington University.

Limonta Sport has been an innovator on the global stage with thousands of installations in over 70 countries since 1981, with an agenda to develop and market only the best performing, environmentally responsible and safest sport surfaces. “Even though we have a strong pedigree with a global presence, we believe that a strategic partnership with Sprinturf makes great business sense.

Sprinturf has a strong, North American brand and they share the same agenda and dedication to quality as Limonta Sport. This strategic partnership allows both companies to better serve the ever expanding sports surfacing market,” said Limonta Sport USA’s Managing Director, Domenic Carapella.

Limonta Sport USA is the exclusive representative for Limonta Sport in the USA and Canada. Limonta Sport USA is headquartered in New York City and its focus is the sale and installation of Limonta’s family of synthetic turf systems and manufactured indoor sports flooring systems. Limonta Sport USA has installed fields at Riverdale Country Day School in Riverdale, NY; Havens Elementary School in Piedmont, CA; and Bowen Island Municipal Field, Bowen Island BC, Canada. Upcoming field installations include Highlands Field in San Carlos, CA and the New Dorp Park Field in Staten Island, NY.