Toro introduces next generation of Z Master riding mowers

Toro Z Master zero-turning radius mowers have a new look and enhanced performance for 2009. The Toro Company designed its next generation of commercial mowers — the Z Master G3 models — based on feedback from hundreds of landscape contractors and tens of thousands of hours testing in the field. The result is enhanced traction and hillside stability, plus improved operator comfort and control, in a mower that includes Toro’s revolutionary TURBO FORCE cutting deck.

“Our product development team was presented with the challenge of making what we believed to be the industry’s best zero turn riders even better,” reveals Edric Funk, marketing manager for Toro’s Landscape Contractor Business. “And from the beginning, the project focused on delivering tangible benefits to two key constituencies – landscape professionals and the dealers who support them.”

The ten models in the Z Master G3 series have been designed with a lower center of gravity, greatly enhancing hillside stability and traction for better control and less “crabbing.” The lower center of gravity results from a vertical shaft engine that sits lower in the chassis, a lower operator position and the 12-gallon fuel tank that is now located under the operator’s seat.

The G3 design also incorporates unitized hydros for exceptional performance and reliability. The unitized pump and wheel motor design uses proven, commercial hydraulic components, eliminating hoses and other potential leak points. This design offers a smoother, more powerful response for operators while maintaining torque and speed. The new instrument panel on G3 models contains an electronic hour meter and allows operators to quickly assess the status of the mower, including fuel levels and battery voltage.

An all-new custom seat design — including 3D isolator mounts, thicker foam padding and plush, adjustable arm rests — enhances operator comfort, while the two-tone gray fabric delivers a little extra style. The G3’s new ROPS features a lower fold point, a rearward angle to deflect branches, and integrated spring pins to quickly release or secure the system. A foot-operated, spring-assisted deck lift comes standard on all G3 models.

The new deck hanger system on G3 models features solid links that eliminate stretching and allow the deck to be leveled with the weight of the deck on the hangers. The race-inspired deck struts with rubber bushings help eliminate deck sway, give operators a cleaner cut on hillsides, and absorb impact. The new height-of-cut (HOC) system gives operators 1- to 5-1/2-inch cuts in 1/4-inch increments, and is designed with clear, easy-to-read settings, a single-point setting calibration and a keyhole-style pin. The HOC system’s flexible transport lock allows professionals to feather the deck over uneven terrain.

All G3 models come standard with a caliper-style parking brake, flat-free, semi-pneumatic caster tires and 1/4-inch thick, high-strength alloy steel blades. 

This new generation of Z Master zero-turning radius mowers includes Toro’s revolutionary TURBO FORCE cutting deck, and many of the models are equipped with the patented adjustable baffle that allows landscape professionals to fine-tune their cutting performance in order to conquer changing seasons or turf conditions without sacrificing quality or efficiency. The fully-welded, fabricated shell of the Toro TURBO FORCE deck is constructed of high-strength, 7-gauge steel and includes the industry’s toughest spindle assemblies to absorb impact loads and distribute them across a broader area of the robust deck shell. The deck’s “bull-nose” front bumper is designed with a raised leading edge, keeping grass upright for a crisp, level cut, and an integral underskirt that minimizes blowout.

From set-up to service, Toro designed Z Master G3 mowers with ease and simplicity in mind. Onboard diagnostics assist in both training and troubleshooting. If service is required, there’s easy access to all of the mower’s major components, including the engine compartment, battery, hydro reservoir, oil drain hose and deck spindles. Also, no tools are required to remove the belt covers or the foot pan in order to access the top of the cutting deck.

For a free brochure on the new Toro Z Master G3 Series with 7-gauge TURBO FORCE deck, contact your Toro Landscape Contractor Equipment dealer, call The Toro Company at 800-348-2424, or send an e-mail to