Small-area irrigation system

The BAUER Group announces its new Rainstar A3 high-efficiency irrigation system. Rainstar A3 is precise, rugged and ideally suited for golf courses, playing fields, horticulture, parks and gardens, municipal recreation centers, and agriculture. The BAUER Group is a global leader in state-of-the-art irrigation equipment.

In one irrigation run, the sprinkler covers up to 230 feet (70 meters) side-to-side over a maximum irrigated length of 656 feet (200 meters). A second strip opposite the first area can be irrigated following the initial run, without having to change the position of the unit, providing efficiency and saving labor.

The Rainstar A3 features a galvanized pipe reel that swivels easily through 180 degrees, and can be assembled by a single operator. The polyethylene pipe is available in lengths of 410, 492, and 558 feet (125, 150 and 170 meters) with pipe diameters of 2 1/8 and 2 1/2 inches (55 and 63 millimeters).

The rugged V-belt transmission drive is designed for three speed ranges. At a working pressure of at least 3.5 bar, the Rainstar A3 achieves precise flow rates of 21 to 88 gallons per minute (4.8 to 20 m³ per hour).

The Rainstar A3 weighs approximately 1,150 pounds dry. The track width of the Rainer trolley can be adjusted manually. When the reel is fully retracted, the system shuts off automatically. Speed control and layer compensation are also automatic. When the job is finished, the main chassis with the pipe reel will mechanically lift the Rainer trolley so that the machine is immediately ready for transport.

Equipment options include a speed indicator, an overpressure shutoff valve, a wide-area rain gun, and a special booster pump. Fine droplet irrigation for sensitive crops can be accomplished with an optional 16-meter wide sprinkler / spray boom for a maximum irrigated width of 105 feet (32 meters).

The Bauer Group at a Glance

The BAUER Group, based in Voitsberg, Austria, with North American offices in Michigan City, Ind., is an international leader in irrigation and slurry technology. Bauer began producing wastewater and slurry pumps in 1930. By 1947, it had become an international leader and innovator in the irrigation technology sector, with the patented Bauer lever lock quick-coupling, named after company founder, Rudolf Bauer. The company continues to make technological advancements in the biotechnology, wastewater treatment and biogas sectors.  For more information visit: