ProGreenSports has announced the results of its 2nd annual survey of environmental sustainability practices among NCAA athletic departments.

Survey reveals NCAA athletic departments are going Green

ProGreenSports has announced the results of its second annual survey of environmental sustainability practices among NCAA athletic departments.

Key decision makers in over 70 large NCAA athletic departments participated in the May, 2010 survey. More than 90 per cent of the survey respondents are Associate or Assistant Athletic Directors of Facilities or Operations, Facilities Managers, or Campus-wide Sustainability Directors from Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) schools. 
The 2010 Athletic Department Sustainability Survey indicates that eighty percent of key decision makers in athletic departments have a positive perspective on developing environmental initiatives. Nearly 40 per cent of athletic departments have formed an internal “green team,” almost twice as many as in 2009.  Over 35 per cent of the athletic departments have developed or are actively considering developing a sustainability plan with short-and long-term goals. More than 80 per cent of athletic departments expect the emphasis on environmental programs to be increasing in the future.

Mark McSherry, President of ProGreenSports, comments that, “College sports programs are a powerful venue to engage athletes, students, fans and alumni in environmental initiatives. Athletic departments are starting to recognize the leadership opportunity and are looking to implement meaningful and authentic green programs that make good business sense too.”

McSherry points out that the University of Colorado at Boulder has a best-in-class zero waste and energy reduction program at Folsom Field and has attracted significant sponsorship support.  He says, “College athletics can leverage their brand and develop a profitable green business model that attracts sponsorship and green advertising while expanding their environmental programs and impact.” McSherry adds that “A green athletic department can be the ideal public face of a university’s overall sustainability program.”

The 2010 NCAA Athletic Department Sustainability Survey reveals detailed information on sustainability initiatives for energy, recycling, water conservation, green building and renovation, and green maintenance.   The full Survey Report is available for free on the ProGreenSports web site and includes key findings, trend analysis, survey results and a comparison to green practices among professional sports teams.