Fairmount Minerals has been named an STC Certified Material Manufacturer/Supplier by the Synthetic Turf Council.

Fairmount Minerals awarded Synthetic Turf Council certification

Fairmount Minerals has been named an STC Certified Material Manufacturer/Supplier by the Synthetic Turf Council. 

STC Certification identifies STC member companies that have demonstrated a commitment to delivering products or services that meet or exceed the council’s member-approved standards for product quality and business practices as defined by the Suggested Guidelines for the Essential Elements of Synthetic Turf Systems and The Code of Ethics

“We’re pleased the STC recognizes that our products and business practices deliver a solid value to customers and reflect well upon on the industry,” said Joel Eaton, Fairmount Minerals Synthetic Turf Sales and Product Manager. 

STC Certified companies must demonstrate that they have met the council’s standards over the course of at least two years and seven installations. Eaton noted that Fairmount Minerals has successfully completed high-profile projects for some of the nation’s largest users of artificial turf, including New York City Parks and Recreation, the Los Angeles Unified School district, and the City of Los Angeles.


“We’ve proven there is a need in this industry for unconventional products that satisfy emerging customer concerns,” said Eaton. “STC Certification validates that these products and our company meet or exceed all applicable industry standards.”

Some of the revolutionary products introduced by Fairmount Minerals through its subsidiary Mineral Visions, Inc. include Nitamin™ Coated Sand, a Steady Delivery™ Nitrogen source for turf grow-in, and FlexSand™ a new technology of engineered elastomer coated sand for artificial turf.      

The STC serves as a neutral, unbiased source to encourage, promote, facilitate and communicate a better understanding of the essential elements required in the selection, delivery and use of synthetic turf systems that will result in greater end user satisfaction. The STC Certification Program was created to enhance the reputation of synthetic turf systems and the companies that provide products and services to those systems, and to provide end users and customers of synthetic turf systems minimum guidelines for products and services.