Target Technologies has introduced Shock 'n Drain shock attenuation pad, made with cross-link, closed-cell/co-polymer (virgin) PE material.

New generation of synthetic turf shock & drainage pads

The best artificial/synthetic sports turf surfaces rely on highly-complex, engineered systems as the starting point for their success. When you utilize top-quality materials to build a system the result is an optimal playing surface – praised by teams and coaches alike. In recent years the addition of shock attenuation (absorption) pads has markedly enhanced the playability, safety and drainage of synthetic turf fields. Target Technologies has introduced Shock ‘n Drain shock attenuation pad, made with cross-link, closed-cell/co-polymer (virgin) PE material, to its line-up of quality synthetic turf materials.

Shock ‘n Drain pad was developed and designed to provide an ultimate base layer for artificial turf.  Various performance characteristics required to conform to criteria of certification bodies such as FIFA, UEFA, and local Football Associations have been incorporated into this next-generation shock pad product. Shock ‘n Drain shock pads meet not only the expectations of players but also football and soccer clubs, owners and stadium operators. With Shock ‘n Drain you get top performance, consistency, longevity and top-notch return on your synthetic turf field investment. For field installers, Shock ‘n Drain pad installs easily and trouble-free.

Consider the advantages of Shock ‘n Drain:

Players: provides a synthetic turf surface with natural ball behavior; safe and forgiving on the player’s joints.

Sports Clubs, long lasting, consistent performance and availability especially during severe rain/weather conditions

Stadium operators, long lasting performance, low maintenance and attractive appearance.

Owners, long lasting, high quality, environmentally friendly, recyclable product with best price and return on investment 

Installers, trouble free, fast and easy installation

Shock ‘n Drain pad:  a new, superior generation of underpad base for synthetic turf surfaces – incorporating a state of the art, uniquely engineered design. Consider the advantages of Shock ‘n Drain attenuation pad:

·         Enhanced shock absorption

·         Provides the best vertical and horizontal drainage

·         Superior energy resilience

·         Resists thermal and mechanical stress

·         Provides compressive creep properties to ensure top-notch performance

·         Consistency over the years

·         Resistant to moisture absorption, most chemicals and microorganisms

·         Complies with strict environmental regulations; doesn’t contain any toxic materials, emissions, effluent or health hazards of any kind  Shock ‘n Drain is 100% recyclable, and may qualify for LEED certification points.

Essential System Component

Shock ‘n Drain pad’s unique engineering design provides a vital contribution to the performance of 21st century synthetic turf sport surface systems, which typically comprise the following components:

·         Sub-base, consisting of gravel, sand , polymer membrane and/or

·         Geotextile

·         Shock ‘n Drain pad

·         Synthetic Grass turf

·         Infill (Envirofill, FutrFill, Silica Sand, crumb rubber)



·        Thickness: from 0.5 in (12.7mm) to 0.7 in (17.7mm)

·        Width: 54 in (1.337m) -0/+1 in

·        Length: rolls up to 300 ft (90m) long +/-5%

·        Other dimensions available on special order w/extended lead-time


·         Packaged in poly-bagged rolls

·         Rolls average 90lb

·         Container Qty:  28 rolls +/-

·         Truck Quantity: 32-34 rolls +/-

Shock ‘n Drain pads are manufactured in North America, containing 100% U.S.A. material content.

TTII Quick-Link:  Downloadable Technical Data Sheet