TURF SET synthetic turf repair products introduced

Chemical Concepts of Huntingdon Valley, PA, a major supplier of adhesives announces their new product line aimed at the synthetic turf industry.

In the past, Chemical Concepts has successfully developed innovative products for the industrial, sign, equine, countertop, pool and spa industries and NOW has set its sites on the Synthetic Turf Market.

Chemical Concepts has a 50-year history of pioneering the use of adhesives in non-traditional markets. They thoroughly evaluate and test their products before bringing to market.

They are proud to announce the Turf-Set line of products:

TURF-SET Synthetic Turf Adhesive

TURF-SET Turf Rapid Repair Kit 

TURF-SET Synthetic Turf Fabric Seam Tape 


• TURF-SET Turf Rapid Repair Kit • Put Your Field Back in Play

– 2 Part Self Mixing Adhesive System repairs up to 5 Sq. Ft. of TURF

• TURF-SET 718 Synthetic Turf Adhesive    

Adhesive available: 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon and 55 Gallon Drums

• TURF-SET Synthetic Turf Fabric Seam Tape  

 Tape size 12″ x 110 yards

Key benefits of using our products verses the competition is cost, service (we ship in gallon packaging or larger).

For more information on our products or to speak to a salesman call 1.800.220.1966