Turflon Ester Ultra specialty herbicide from Dow AgroSciences is an innovative formulation that uses plant-derived methylated seed oil(MSO) instead of petroleum distillates as its solvent. The new low-odor formulation reduces the environmental impact, while continuing to provide broad-spectrum control of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds and kikuyugrass in ornamental turf, including turfgrasses on golf courses  and sod farms . Turflon Ester Ultra, which replaces Turflon Ester specialty herbicide, is now available in most states.

“By replacing the petroleum distillates with methylated seed oil, we reduced the environmental impact of Turflon Ester Ultra,” says Mark Urbanowski, senior marketing specialist with Dow AgroSciences. “The patented formulation also has a lower odor than the previous Turflon Ester, which customers will appreciate. This product enhancement is another example of our leadership role in the turf and ornamental market segment and our commitment to bring new solutions to turf managers.”

Turflon® Ester Ultra specialty herbicide offers the same powerful postemergence control of early emerging and hard-to-control weeds, including wild violet, oxalis, spurge, clover, dandelion, ground ivy, lespedeza and plantain. In addition, Turflon Ester Ultra helps control bermudagrass on fairways and accelerates the transition to cool-season turf.

Triclopyr, the active ingredient in Turflon Ester Ultra, tends to stay where it is applied, so it is not likely to move through soil and reach the roots of off-target ornamentals or vegetation. In addition, because of its  ester  base, Turflon Ester Ultra doesn’t evaporate from the turf, further reducing its chances of harming other vegetation.


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