A three-way partnership between STMA, Michigan State University and SportsTurf publisher M2MEDIA360, has resulted in the digitization of all the issues of SportsTurf magazine. Starting with our very first issue, which was published in September/October 1985, Michigan State has created a digital version of each magazine. The digital set will always be current, minus two issues as it keeps pace with our monthly publication dates.

The link to the archive is on STMA’s home page www.STMA.org underneath the magazine’s front cover. In addition to the historical significance of having each volume and its issues available to the industry, the “Browse” and “Search” functions make it very user friendly and an excellent technical resource. When you use the Browse function, you will have links to all 26 volumes by year. Click on the year and all the front covers of the magazines issues from that year will appear. Click on the magazine cover and all of the articles and page numbers become visible as hot links to the articles. The Search function allows you to query the entire set with word or words specific searches. A search using the word “aerification” yielded 106 articles. You can also limit the search by age of the article. A search for articles older than 20 years using the word “aerification” brought up 23 records.

STMA and SportsTurf thank Michigan State University for its dedication to the industry in providing this service.

SportsField Management