On Earth Day, April 22, Ewing Irrigation Products will help right a yard gone wrong for one Arizona military family.

The Guynn family moved into their new home in Surprise, Ariz. two years ago and hired a landscape company to create a family-friendly backyard. Instead the landscaper left them with an ineffective irrigation system, dying plants and little else.

“He never did anything to the yard that he was supposed to,” said Staff Sgt. Steven Guynn, who serves in the 56th Equipment Maintenance Squadron at Luke Air Force Base.

Now the Guynn’s are finally looking forward to having a beautiful backyard to watch their son Zach, 6, and daughter Ashlyn, 3, play in, after being chosen for a water-efficient landscape makeover by Ewing Irrigation Products.

“We’re just in shock,” said Steven’s wife, Erin Guynn, adding that they were grateful for the opportunity to get the backyard they had hoped for.

This year Ewing is joining hundreds of other lawn and landscape industry businesses by participating in the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) Day of Service. Last year about 2,000 PLANET members participated in the inaugural Day of Service by giving back to their communities on Earth Day by planning, organizing, and carrying out green service projects.

On Earth Day, April 22, Ewing will lead a team of volunteers and partners in the transformation of the Guynn’s backyard into a beautiful and water-efficient landscape. It will be equipped with some of the latest water-saving irrigation products on the market, making it easy for the Guynn’s to conserve water and minimize their water bills.

Nationwide, landscape irrigation accounts for nearly one-third of residential water use and some experts estimate that up to half of which goes to waste due to evaporation, wind, improper system design or overwatering. With new water-conserving irrigation products—such as efficient sprinkler nozzles, “smart” controllers, soil-moisture sensors, rain sensors and drip irrigation components—homeowners can virtually eliminate these problems.



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