All natural, non-toxic & environmentally safe insect & pest repellent

The new Flea, Ant, Roach and Rodent Guard is a non-toxic all natural insect and rodent repellent. Flea, Ant, Roach and Rodent Guard is an easy to use powder, which you shake the powder in an area where you have a problem, leave it there for 4 hours and then vacuum the powder up.

One treatment will keep an area free of fleas, ants, roaches, rats, mice, silverfish, ticks, bedbugs, Palmetto bugs, water bugs, and mites, for up to 4 months.

Made completely from food grade constituents. Safe for kids, animals and around food. Does not stain and has a mild pleasant scent.

Comes in four sizes:  8 ounces (300 square feet) $9.97; 16 ounces (600 square feet); 32 ounces (1200 square feet) $29.95; and 64 ounces (2400 square feet) $47.95

For more information visit or or call 877-278-8456