John Deere launched its new line of D50 and D70 series rotors, which include a unique air bypass feature that reduces gear drive damage during winterization.

Deere redesigns rotors

John Deere launched its new line of D50 and D70 series rotors, completely reengineered with added features that allow for increased reliability, improved ease of serviceability, and better efficiencies in water flow and pressure loss. 

Both the D50 and D70 series rotors, as well as all DI series replacement internals, include a unique air bypass feature that reduces gear drive damage during winterization.  The internal assemblies are completely encapsulated and sealed, eliminating the need to replace small individual components and allowing for easier installation and serviceability. 

The updated rotor line is backward compatible with all John Deere D50 and D70 series rotors.  Also, the improved DI series replacement internals continue to be forward and backward compatible to competitive rotor internal assemblies.  All internal assemblies also include a new gear box with a coarser gear design for increased durability and a new closed case design with integrated debris inlet filter and stator to protect the unit from larger debris. 

In addition to the full line updates, the D50 series rotors specifically include a completely reengineered lower valve, with a serviceable integrated rock screen that provides improved filtration against large debris. The new lower valve also incorporates an elongated self-cleaning inlet filter.  These new reengineered lower valves also provide improved opening and closing characteristics in low pressure and low flow operations. 

“The improvements to our rotors and internal assemblies were engineered and implemented into production based on the direct feedback received from industry consultants, golf course superintendents and our distributor partners, ” said Brian Birdwell, irrigation business manager, John Deere Golf.  “We combined our extensive enterprise water management resources, along with customer feedback, to add features that would increase reliability and improve serviceability.  Most importantly, based on this research and the field results of units installed, we now provide golf irrigation professionals with a rotor product line that is performing to customers’ expectations.”

The new rotor line is just one feature of John Deere Golf’s extensive irrigation product offering.  The company’s golf irrigation product offering also includes central control systems, field control systems and other water delivery products and accessories.  For superintendents looking for the most innovative and flexible control systems, Aurora Desktop Central and eAurora Web Central provide a wide range of features and benefits including Internet and mobile access for management flexibility, to-the-second programming for water usage efficiency, and John Deere Golf’s well-known superior service before, during and after installation.