RPR spreads like RPR at STMA show

Barenbrug USA introduced RPR – Regenerating perennial Ryegrass at the STMA show in Orlando. A huge amount of interest was shown in the new RPR product. Turf Product Manager Christiaan Arends; “We were overwhelmed with the interest in RPR at the STMA show. We are getting a lot of inquiries about the product after the STMA show as well. We can conclude the STMA show was a success for us.”

Barenbrug USA raffled three Ipod Touches to visitors. The winners were very ecstatic to receive a 32 GB iPod Touch. The winners are:

·         Scott Johnson, Clearwater Threshers, FL (pictured with Arends)

·         Craig Potts, Texas A&M University, TX

·         Bill Mclemore, Charlotte County Day School, NC

Barenbrug USA has developed a perennial ryegrass with stolons. This new and exciting product is a breakthrough in turf grass breeding. The product is called RPR, Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass. RPR out-competes every other perennial ryegrass on wear tolerance. It also shows a very good turf quality.

RPR comes out of the breeding program of Barenbrug USA. Barenbrug breeder Dr. J. Wipff bred RPR in Virginia. “The RPR germplasm was a jewel at our Virginia breeding location. Under very harsh conditions the RPR plants were aggressive and expanding. While I tried to make it as hard for them as I could with wear and tear with our wear machine and the help of mother nature with hot and cold weather”, says Dr. Wipff.

RPR is very aggressive and is perfectly suited to use on sport fields, golf courses and lawns and landscaping areas. Especially when the turf is exposed to intensive wear.