The WR2 automatically senses and measures both rain and cold temperatures to prevent unnecessary irrigation, saving water and reducing wear on irrigation system components.

New wireless rain/freeze sensors from Rain Bird

Using smart, weather-based irrigation technology is a very efficient way to maintain a healthy, beautiful landscape. As smart technology continues to emerge as a must-have for irrigation systems, more customers are asking contractors for options that are user-friendly, reliable and affordable. Now, Rain Bird has answered the needs of both customers and contractors with its new WR2 Wireless Rain and Rain/Freeze Sensors.

After installation and programming, the WR2 automatically senses and measures both rain and cold temperatures to prevent unnecessary irrigation, saving water and reducing wear on irrigation system components. The WR2 interrupts an irrigation controller’s pre-scheduled cycle if one of six programmable rainfall set points (ranging from 1/8” to ½”) or one of three temperature set points (41º, 37 º or 33º F) is satisfied. By choosing one of three irrigation modes, users can 1) allow sensor data to determine the irrigation schedule, 2) postpone irrigation for 72 hours regardless of sensor readings or 3) continue with scheduled irrigation for 72 hours regardless of sensor readings. The WR2 also features a “Quick Shut-Off” feature that suspends irrigation immediately during any rain event without requiring significant rainfall accumulation.
The WR2 consists of three durable components: a controller interface with an easy-to-read LCD screen, a sensor unit and a self-leveling sensor mounting bracket. According to Brian Mueller, senior product manager for Rain Bird’s Accessories Division, the rain/freeze sensor’s design and best-in-class technology make installation both quick and easy.  
“The WR2 is simple to install, even for a one-person crew,” Mueller said. “With intuitive icons, the controller interface is easy to program, and the sensor’s unique signal strength indicator allows contractors to quickly determine the best sensor location. The WR2’s versatile mounting bracket makes it possible to install the sensor on a gutter, fence or wall.”
Finding a spot to mount the WR2 is relatively effortless, as its superior signal strength can overcome most common line-of-sight obstructions such as trees, sheds and walls. Unlike other rain and rain/freeze sensors, the WR2 displays signal strength on both the sensor and the controller interface, making it possible for contractors to find the best mounting location without having to return to the controller. Internal antennas give the WR2 a clean and neat profile that keeps property owners happy.
The WR2’s sensor transmits weather data back to the controller interface every 45 seconds allowing the device to be highly responsive to changing environmental conditions. After programming the WR2 with the appropriate irrigation mode, rainfall and temperature set points, contractors can save their settings using the special “contractor default” feature, making it an easy, one-step process to restore the settings if they are modified.
While the WR2 provides obvious benefits to end users, it offers a number of advantages to irrigation contractors as well. “By installing the WR2, contractors can help customers save up to 35% less water, solidifying their reputations as water management experts.” Mueller explained. “Plus, because the WR2 is a simple and affordable smart technology upgrade, it offers contractors additional revenue opportunities.”
The WR2 Rain and Rain/Freeze Sensor is another example of Rain Bird’s continued dedication to helping both contractors and their customers save time, money and water. For more information about the WR2 or any of Rain Bird’s other quality irrigation accessories, visit or call 1-800-RAINBIRD.