Solid metal fixed-spray hose nozzles now available

Precision solid metal fixed-spray hose nozzles are now available from Underhill for all-around use on sports fields and parks for hand-watering dry spots, applying wetting agents and syringing fields before games.

The patented Precision nozzle design features stainless steel professional-grade diffuser plates with rubber covers. A wide range of flow rates provides variable spray patterns that ensure optimum coverage and uniform droplets.

Nozzles are available in a range of sizes and applications, ranging from 15 to 50+ gpm.  Solid brass control valves are also available with ¾” and 1” hose thread adapters.

The Precision nozzles include:

Rainbow™ with low flow rate for landscaping and light watering (15 gpm at 80 psi).  Useful for watering transplants and seed beds around park facilities.

Rainmaker with low to medium flow rate for syringing and spot watering (23 gpm at 80 psi).  Recommended for cooling and hand-watering turf and landscape with a ¾” hose at lower pressures. Fogs at high pressure.

Cloudburst with medium to high flow for supplemental turf watering  (48 gpm at 80 psi).  Used for the application of wetting agents, high volume drenching and washdowns. Ideal flow rate for ¾” and 1” hoses.

Cyclone with high flow rate for pre-game skins watering and soaking (50+ gpm at 80 psi).  Powerful fan-shaped spray covers a large area up to 60’ with heavy watering completed quickly. Ideal rate for 1”hoses.

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