Products you can see at STMA Exhibition in Orlando

Covermaster celebrates 40 years

It started 40 years ago with a promise to protect sports surfaces against rain, frost, snow and during non-athletic events. Covermaster fulfilled this promise for thousands of customers. Today, sports facilities across North America and abroad rely on Covermaster for turf protection and turf enhancement products. Ninety percent of all MLB and NFL teams alone use Covermaster rain covers.

Other products include stadium conversion covers, turf blankets, ice arena covers and gymnasium floor covers. As the company’s slogan says, with Covermaster, you’re ahead of the game!

Beacon indoor/outdoor batting cage

The Tensioned Batting Cage by Beacon Athletics is designed for indoor or outdoor use. This design accommodates space restrictions, bleachers or stage areas. If outside, it also preserves the life of the systems since it can be taken down during inclement weather. The Beacon Tensioned Batting Cage goes up or can be taking down in 10 minutes! With its unique three-pulley system, the cage can be raised and tensioned as needed. No permanent frame or cable structure remains when the cage is removed. All systems are designed to meet your needs.  Beacon Athletics

Gravely Turf introduces Base Runner

Gravely Turf introduces the new Base Runner, an infield conditioner with 3×3 Hydrostatic all-wheel drive and zero-turning radius and speeds up to 12 mph. With an 18 hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard V-Twin air-cooled engine that includes an engine kill switch, this machine is designed to perform multi-functional tasks for turf and athletic field maintenance. Additional features include a low-profile fiberglass body, ergonomic seat, headlight, 12-volt power source, and exclusive wrap-around rear-hinged cargo box for better accessibility while seated. Mid- and rear-hydraulic lifts accommodate a variety of attachments.

Hydraway drainage system

“Game cancelled due to lack of drainage?” Not the New Orleans Zephyrs because they used Hydraway 2000 drainage system. Here’s what they told us when they received more than 3 ½ inches of rain just before game time: “Here are the pictures that were taken at 2:00 pm on August 21, 2009. It shows the entire outfield covered in water. At 11:30 am, the field took a shower of 0.21 in. The big thunderstorm came at 12:45 pm and lasted until 2:10 pm. In this 1.5 hours we took 3.03 in. of rain. It then drizzled/rained until 5:45 pm another 0.28 in. of rain. The Zephyrs had no issues with standing water on the field by 7:00 pm game time.”

Removing synthetic turf paint

In 2009, the field crew at the Louisiana Superdome will have to convert the markings on their synthetic turf field on eighteen different occasions in order to host the New Orleans Saints, Tulane Wave, Allstate Sugar Bowl, R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, State Farm Bayou Classic, and the Louisiana high school state football championships. Six of these conversions have to be completed in less than 12 hours. With the use of Pioneer Athletics’ GameLine removable synthetic turf paint and Blitz removal system, this tight timeline is not a challenge for the crew. To date in 2009, the Superdome has already twice hosted a Saturday Tulane University home football game, followed by a Sunday New Orleans Saints game. Pioneer’s paint and removal system allows the field crew to completely remove all paint without any visible markings in only 2 hours. This includes removal of paint in both end zones, the logo on the 50-yard line, the 25-yard line league or conference logos, as well as the appropriate college or NFL hash marks.

“Before we started to use GameLine paint and removal system, it took a large crew multiple hours of scrubbing on their hands and knees to remove all of the paint”, said Randy Philipson, Director of Engineering & Operations at the Louisiana Superdome. “Now, our streamlined crew is able to remove all of the paint after a game in only two hours, with absolutely no ghosting. The simple three-step removal process saves us time and a lot of energy.”

Removal begins when Blitz GameLine solution is applied with a backpack sprayer. Almost immediately, the paint’s bond with the synthetic grass blades will begin to separate. A second field worker then agitates the treated paint with a Blitz Remover machine, but something as simple as a deck brush can get the job done. Finally, any last remnants of paint are removed by spraying the turf with water from a basic garden hose. This process is so effortless that a smaller crew, such as a high school field crew of two, can finish the entire job in 4-6 hours.

Smithco sports truck

The Smithco Sports Truck is a totally new idea; it’s the only utility truck that provides complete ball field maintenance

·         Finishing, scarifying and plowing implements for ball field grooming.

·         Creates a finish on the field with the proper amount of smoothness and consistency for safety and playability.

·         Highly maneuverable 4-wheel design for safety and versatility for the operator.

·         Unique dust suppression system for additional operator safety and improved working conditions.

·         Lift off the dust suppression system and in minutes you have a rugged utility truck

·         Dry line marker & field paint lining systems available.

·         Versatile hydraulic dump box for carrying tools, hauling dirt, sand, field amendments.

·         16 hp twin-cylinder engine, efficient gear drive and automatic torque converter make the Sports Star simple to operate.

New DC pitching platform

Southern Athletic Fields is excited to introduce the DC Pitching Platform. Designed by professional coaches this ultra-light batting practice platform is a unique design that allows for equal pressure on the turf. The design eliminates the pressure created by heavier platforms that are made from metal or wood. DC Pitching Platform is 4’ x 8’ with handles on both sides.  It weighs only 60 lbs so wheels are not needed. DC Pitching Platform can be easily moved by one person and ideal for use by high schools, collegiate or professional teams.

“The Pro Cage”

The “Pro Cage” is the highest quality, most durable, time tested portable batting cage available on the market.  From the Major Leagues through Spring Training, down to colleges and high schools throughout the country- the teams and programs you know and trust count on C & H Baseball to outfit their fields with this non-folding batting cage.  Made in the USA using 2” aluminum pipe with welded joints and fittings, heavy duty domestic knotted nylon netting, unique brake system and 18” tires- An investment in the “Pro Cage” means never having to worry about another portable batting cage for decades.

Buffalo Turbine’s Cyclone KB3

For over 64 years, Buffalo Turbine has utilized “turbine powered air” in its Sprayers, Dusters and Debris Blowers. Buffalo Turbines are the debris blowers of choice with Sports Turf Managers, Golf Course Superintendents, Landscapers, Parks and Municipalities worldwide. The legendary Cyclone KB3 is our self contained Debris Blower equipped with a bolt-on trailer package, 23hp Kohler engine, electronic governor and a water-resistant, wireless remote control. Buffalo Turbine also manufactures a variety of Front Mount and Hydraulic blower units, the Terratopper Top Dresser and the SANDEVIL attachment. All of our debris blowers are now equipped with a One-Piece Space Age Polymer Nozzle.

Large-panel covering system

ArmorDeck is the most advanced engineered floor covering system for natural and synthetic turf protection and for creating portable roadways. The large-panel system that is designed to handle heavy loads, provide stability and maximum temporary turf protection. Its panels are quick to install and designed to support weights up to 45,000 lbs sq/ft., making it suitable for nearly any size event, including large-scale stadium events. Choose ArmorDeck1 for natural grass protection, featuring top aeration holes to allow air and moisture to keep grass healthy, ArmorDeck2 for synthetic turf protection with a smooth top or ArmorDeck3 for extra heavy-duty protection.