Pasteuria Bioscience has received registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for Econem biologicial nematicide for control of sting nematodes in turf. This approval follows the first EPA approval in June for /Pasteuria usgae/, the active ingredient contained in Econem. The product will initially be launched in Florida and select Southeastern states following state registrations.

“We’re very pleased to receive this EPA approval for Econem,” said Dave Duncan, chief executive officer for Pasteuria Bioscience. “Econem offers an effective, safe and sustainable solution against sting nematodes.”

Sting nematodes represent a major threat for golf courses throughout Florida and the Southeast. Additionally, the Society of Nematology and other organizations estimate global crop losses due to nematodes at $100 billion annually making it agriculture’s largest unmet pest control need.

The active ingredient in Econem is based on /Pasteuria /spp., a class of naturally occurring soil bacteria first discovered over 50 years ago and identified as an effective agent for nematode control. Until recently, no one was able to manufacture Pasteuria on a commercial scale. Pasteuria Bioscience has developed a proprietary manufacturing method that allows multiple strains of Pasteuria to be manufactured through traditional fermentation methods. Initial field trials conducted with Econem have shown it to significantly reduce root damage caused by sting nematodes thus improving turf density and stimulating new root development.

“Field trials have shown Econem to be effective in controlling and reducing sting nematodes,” said Duncan, “We’re confident that Econem can fulfill a strong need for a reliable, environmentally safe, and cost-effective product.”

For more information, please contact Jay McCord at 904/502-4695.

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