KeyPlex, a world leader in micronutrients and advanced plant nutrition for the past 29 years, has announced an expansion into the professional services arenas.

KeyPlex expands into sports turf with partner Ecosyn Distributors

KeyPlex, a world leader in micronutrients and advanced plant nutrition for the past 29 years, has announced an expansion into the professional services arenas.  EcoSyn Distributors of New Smyrna Beach, FL and Oneonta, NY has been selected as the National Distribution Coordinator.

EcoSyn President, Kevin Meredith is a long standing member of STMA, a Certified Sports Field Manager and current Turf Manager at the National Soccer Hall of Fame.  “KeyPlex produces leading edge micronutrient products that give outstanding results, are budget friendly and environmentally safe. There’s a lot of bang for your buck in KeyPlex,“ says Meredith. He is looking forward to bringing an environmentally-friendly pesticide alternative to a market that is becoming more and more aware of the need to address the issues of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The EcoSyn product line will include the flagship product KeyPlex 350 as well as the organic formula KeyPlex350OR. KeyPlex 350 is a registered bio-pesticide with the EPA and the only micronutrient bio-pesticide on the market. Backed with years of scientific research, KeyPlex 350 has been shown to elicit defensive proteins in plants; a phenomenon known as systemic acquired resistance (SAR). Essentially this means that KeyPlex-nourished plants are poised both to grow faster and defend against pests, disease, extreme weather, and recover faster from mechanical injury. Additionally, humans and animals benefit from the environmentally friendly properties of the pesticide alternative.

KeyPlex President Gerald O’Connor says professional services was a natural extension of the turf production market which incorporates KeyPlex products as part of their best management practices.  O’Connor felt that it was, “very important to have the right expertise to manage the distribution channel for sports turf, golf courses, and landscape maintenance,” and is pleased to have Kevin Meredith and EcoSyn Distributors on board.

About KeyPlex

Since 1980, KeyPlex has been serving citrus and vegetable growers with a highly effective line of environmentally friendly, complex micronutrients.

Scientific studies, field trials and commercial operations have confirmed that KeyPlex elicit systemic acquired resistance in plants. KeyPlex is also pleased to offer KeyPlex 350OR, an organic bio-pesticide.

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About EcoSyn Distributors

EcoSyn is the National Distribution Coordinator for KeyPlex products and has been placed in charge of establishing a distributor network to serve the Professional Services arena (golf course, sports turf and landscape professionals). EcoSyn’s  President and C.E.O. , Kevin Meredith, C.S.F.M.

has 35 years of professional experience in the landscape industry, has been the Sports Turf Manager for National Soccer Hall of Fame for 19 years, is a Certified Sports Turf Manager , member of both STMA and GCSAA as well as a founder and board member of Sports Turf Managers of New York.

 Kevin’s level of knowledge and expertise creates a solid partnership for KeyPlex within these industries.  EcoSyn’s involvement will assure product integrity as well as provide on-going education to distributors and their customers.

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