STMA is introducing a new membership benefit that they hope you'll never need to use--the extension of your STMA membership at no cost to you, if you lose your job.

STMA extending memberships of jobless

STMA is introducing a new membership benefit that we hope you’ll never need to use — the extension of your STMA membership at no cost to you, if you lose your job. In this economy and with the national unemployment rate at a record high, we know that organizations are cutting back, which could adversely affect your job security.
STMA stands behind its members and will assist any member in any category who loses his or her job by continuing their STMA membership, at no charge for six months. This benefit relies on the ‘honor system’, and if you become employed during this six month-period, the association assumes that you will pay your regular membership dues.
This membership extension allows you access to very important job search benefits on the Members Only side of the web site. You’ll be able to view job listings, post your resumé, access career information and actively network with your peers using the on-line STMA Membership Directory. Your membership continues seamlessly, with all rights and privileges of your membership category. STMA’s membership year is calendar based, January through December. As this year draws to a close, if you are affected by a job loss, please call STMA to activate this benefit.
There are very few rules. You must have been a member of STMA for at least one year. If you have not found employment after six months, STMA will offer an Affiliate Membership to you at the $50 member rate.
The Membership Committee created this program and recommended its adoption to the STMA Board of Directors, who approved it at its Summer Board meeting. The Membership Committee members include Chairman David Pinsonneault, CSFM, CPRP, Darin Budak, CSFM, Joe Collins, CSFM, Stephen Crockett, CSFM, Alan Dungey, Dale Edmonds, Tony Leonard, Bob Marcotte, Nick McKenna, Marc Moran, David Reiss, Matt Tobin, and Jack Wasserbach.