A new StressGard™ formulated fungicide with a dual mode of action is now registered for use on golf course turf, Bayer Environmental Science (BES), a business group of Bayer CropScience LP, recently announced.  Considered the ‘new gold standard’ for disease control, Reserve® fungicide protects turf against all major diseases, improves plant health, resulting in improved turf density and quality. 

Reserve, contains the active ingredients triticonazole and chlorothalonil, along with Bayer’s StressGard™ formulation technology.  University research trials showed that Reserve controlled disease and improved turf density and quality better than other DMI fungicides and DMI combination fungicides.  Whereas some DMI and DMI combination products can cause turf thinning, Reserve consistently controlled disease without injuring the turf, especially during hot summer months, with resulting improvement in turf density and quality.

“Reserve will quickly become the backbone in any turf management program because of its versatility to fight tough disease conditions during the summer and winter months,” said Jimmy Johnson, fungicide product manager for Bayer Environmental Science. “Beyond superior disease control, it’s formulated with StressGard technology – helping the turf plant better manage the stresses of golf course conditions.” Plants treated with Bayer products formulated using StressGard technology have been shown to maintain greater root mass and healthier topgrowth, even under heat stress conditions.

The new product provides better disease control on dollar spot, brown patch, anthracnose and snow mold compared to competitive combination fungicides. Because Reserve does not cause turf thinning during hot weather, problems with algae are diminished.  Reserve can be used on cool-season grasses and some warm-season grasses.  Applications can be made on tees, greens, fairways and roughs. It is available as a suspension concentrate formulation in 2.5-gallon container.


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