New TriFlo, a proprietary blend of hydrocolloid tackifiers, improves performance characteristics of Profile's wood and wood-cellulose blends of hydraulic mulch products.

Profile introduces TriFlo additive to hydraulic mulch products

Profile Products is proud to offer a new hydraulic mulch additive that gives contractors unsurpassed results. New TriFlo, a proprietary blend of hydrocolloid tackifiers, significantly improves performance characteristics of Profile’s wood and wood-cellulose blends of hydraulic mulch products.

TriFlo works synergistically with the Thermally Refined manufacturing process which utilizes heat and pressure to more completely break down wood into finer fibers. The result is a higher quality wood mulch. Finer fibers produce greater product yield, while also creating more surface area for water absorption. TriFlo further enhances these characteristics by absorbing additional moisture and creating a more fluid slurry that shoots farther and more uniformly.

“You can definitely see a difference using TriFlo,” said Tim Luers, manager of Henderson Turf Farm Commercial. “Normally, distributed product will clump. With TriFlo, the hydraulic mulch shoots well and the product sits flat on the ground. It is a much more efficient use of material and reduces waste. I would definitely shoot with TriFlo again.”

TriFlo reduces free water in the hydraulic mulch slurry allowing for better soil surface coverage. Because it acts like a lubricant within the hose, the contractor can use a longer length of hose with less down time due to clogging. The resulting mulch has a greater yield, better coverage and an improved suspension of mulch, seed and fertilizer within the slurry. Now with TriFlo, contractors will benefit from an improved layer of mulch to the soil surface and better seed germination.

TriFlo is available in Profile’s 100 percent wood and wood-cellulose blends of Conwed Fibers®, Terra-Mulch®, SoilCover®, HydroCoverTM and Eco-Solutions branded mulch products. For more information about Profile’s hydraulic mulch products with TriFlo, call (800) 508-8681 or visit