STMA members use efficient and effective irrigation in managing athletic fields and now can more visibly show athletes, fans and the community just how committed they are to good water stewardship. During July, which is Smart Irrigation Month, STMA members are encouraged to promote their water conservation practices.
Smart Irrigation Month was established by the Irrigation Association to encourage efficient watering practices, to provide information about highly efficient irrigation products, and to raise public awareness of outdoor water conservation. July was designated Smart Irrigation Month because July is a peak water-use month. The ultimate goal is to use less water while producing healthy crops, turf, gardens and landscapes all year.
Here are 5 ways Sports Turf Managers can gain exposure for your contributions to water conservation:
1. Use the Smart Irrigation logo on all correspondence (including email) during July to raise awareness.
2. Write an article about your water conservation efforts for your local paper, sports field user group newsletter, industry publications such as your local chapter newsletter or STMA’s SportsTurf Magazine.
3. Contact your local environmental news reporter to establish yourself as a resource for him/her for water conservation information now and in the future.
4. Post your watering plan and schedule to show how your management program adapts to the weather and other geographic, topographic and agronomic conditions.
5. Share your expertise by offering to present tips on efficient and effective water use to a local service or civic club.

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