Irrigation system surge protection

Time Mark would like to announce the arrival of their new Model SPD (Surge Protective Devices) Series. The Model SPD Series are designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from the harmful effects of transients and RFI/EMI interference. Models are configured for either parallel or series installation or can be din rail or wall mounted. Units are rated as Type 4 SPDs for application in Type 1-2 locations making the SPD Series the ideal choice for incorporation into control cabinets to protect PLCs, irrigation systems, Alarm and Security systems, POS terminals, CNC Machinery, and most other sensitive microelectronic based equipment. The Model SPD Series units are self-contained in rugged plastic enclosures and employ twenty millimeter (20mm) MOVs as their key suppression elements. A green LED is provided as a status indicator identifying power on. Units are line load sensitive and interface with the incoming power cables via screw terminals capable of handling conductors from #22 to #8 AWG, depending on application and current ratings. Time Mark Corporation are manufacturers of 3-Phase monitors, current monitors, voltage sensors, pump and liquid level controls, alternating relays, and Signaline timing devices. Model SPD Series specifications include: Service voltage: 24Vdc, 48Vdc, 120Vac, 250Vac Surge Rating: 20kA, 40kA Current Rating: 15 Amps, 30 Amps Max. Load: 15 or 30 Amps, depends on configuration

More information about Time Mark’s Model SDP Series are available at or by calling 800-862-2875 to speak to a Time Mark sales representative. Time Mark Corporation, 11440 East Pine Street, Tulsa, OK 74116 USA 800-862-2875 Fax: 918-437-7584