New self-propelled sweeper/vacuum

Equipped with its own powerful 38 HP Kohler engine and 3.25-cubic-yards hopper, the new TV30 Self-Propelled Sweeper offers maneuverability that simply can’t be attained with a tow vehicle and a pull-type unit. Yet, it provides the same Recirculating Air System performance as our towed models.

The TV 30 also offers a new level of adaptability, thanks to a line of attachments that includes a standard-equipment 60-inch sweeper brush; an optional rubber-finger attachment for raking tall grass, and a verti-cut option that performs two jobs in one pass. The hopper even lifts to a height of six feet to dump directly into a cart or waste dumpster–avoiding the need to handle material twice.

You’ll also appreciate the easy-to-access operator platform that sits ahead of the sweeper for maximum visibility and a cleaner environment. Hydrostatic drive gives you precise management of ground speed, while joystick control, tilt steering and a wrap-around console further add to operator comfort.

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