Environmental Turf, Inc., announced that K&R Turf Farm in Gainesville, Fla., has been selected as a licensed sod producer of UltimateFlora zoysia grass, an environmentally friendly turfgrass for use on home lawns, golf courses and common areas.

Marketed world-wide by Environmental Turf, Inc., UltimateFlora zoysia grass was developed by the University of Florida as an environmentally friendly alternative to replace St. Augustine grass in Southern lawns. UltimateFlora zoysia requires less water and less fertilizer than St. Augustine. The grass is drought resistant, meaning it has natural defense systems to withstand periods of drought.

K&R Turf Farm is owned and operated by Reggie and Kenya Crum. K&R Turf Farm has eight years of experience in the turf industry in Florida. Reggie Crum said he opted to become a licensed grower of UltimateFlora zoysia because of its low-maintenance characteristics.

“You don’t have to mow it as much, you don’t have to fertilize it as much and it is less upkeep than St. Augustine grass,” Reggie Crum said.

Along with producing UltimateFlora zoysia on the Gainesville-area farm, K&R Turf Farm can arrange for sod delivery and offers sod installation services. The company delivers and installs sod throughout Florida.

UltimateFlora zoysia has a lush green color, a medium texture and a soft feel underfoot. It has a much improved appearance over coarse-textured grasses such as St. Augustine.

In addition, UltimateFlora zoysia is resistant to the chinch bug insect, a common pest that attacks and destroys St. Augustine lawns.

When compared to St. Augustine grass in University of Florida tests, UltimateFlora zoysia ranks “better” for drought resistance and “better” for water use efficiency. It also has “better” shade tolerance, “better” wear tolerance and requires less water for irrigation than St. Augustine grass.

University of Florida tests also compared UltimateFlora zoysia to other existing zoysiagrass lawn varieties. Those tests revealed that UltimateFlora zoysia has better color, fewer seed heads and a finer, more desirable leaf texture than other varieties.

Environmental Turf, Inc., is an award-winning firm dedicated to the research, development, marketing and distribution of environmentally-friendly warm-season turfgrasses. Based in Avon Park, Florida, Environmental Turf licenses quality sod producers world-wide to grow its low maintenance turfgrasses. For general information about UltimateFlora zoysia, visit: www.environmentalturf.com .


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