Specialty Equipment introduces Extreme Tailgate Ramp

Specialty Equipment, LLC introduces a new concept in how to load equipment and vehicles on your truck safely and quickly. The Extreme Tailgate Ramp is the new “must have” accessory for anyone loading and unloading their truck on a regular basis. It bolts directly to any tailgate and takes up only about 5.5” of bed space. Utilizing an expanding “baby gate” type design, it extends as far as 108” creating a 57” wide ramp capable of holding up to 1600lbs. It is constructed entirely of extruded aluminum and stainless steel, so it is light and won’t rust, but has great tensile strength due to the interlocking web design.

The optional Tailgate Extension kit allows the closed ramp to “flip up” and become an alternate tailgate on the rear of your truck’s gate. This adds over two feet of bed space to your truck and can be secured with a simple lock. Additionally, the “arms” of this kit can be rotated when the ramp is extended and become “legs” transforming the ramp into a work table.

Founded in 2008 as a fabrication and design company, Specialty’s Extreme Tailgate Ramp was the brainchild of company founder Mark Kenny. “Two years ago I was meeting with the head of equipment for one of the nation’s largest lawn maintenance companies, and I asked what their largest liability was,” says Mr. Kenny. “His answer was instant. Injuries caused by loading the backs of trucks using portable ramps.” Because of this, the company was having hundreds of trucks pull trailers, sometimes with only a single aerator on them. This of course added costs for maintenance, fuel and DOT registrations. The challenge was to eliminate the need for trailers as well as the risks associated with portable ramps.

“The professionals in industries like lawn maintenance, forestry, and snow removal, are a nearly identical demographic to people who own motorcycles, ATVs, camp and hunt,” states Kenny. “The same person that is loading lawn mowers on and off the truck Monday to Friday is loading his ATV on it Saturday morning to head to the woods.” The ramps have had a tremendous reaction from contractors, motorcycle owners, equipment repair shops and hunting enthusiasts. The appeal of the Extreme Tailgate Ramp to so many different markets is not a complete surprise to the company. “Everyone that owns a truck purchased it to haul things in the back, whether for work, play or both. We are making it easier and safer to do this”

Incorporated in 2008, Specialty Equipment is focused on developing and designing new products for professionals and enthusiasts in a variety of markets. The company has already proven itself as top supplier of metal fabricated parts and accessories to many existing manufacturers and retailers.

To learn more about Specialty Equipment, its products and services visit the Specialty website at www.specialtyequipmentusa.com