Rain Bird Pressure-Regulating Quick-Check Basket Filter

 Rain Bird’s new Pressure-Regulating, Quick-Check Basket Filter combines pressure regulation and filtration into one compact unit for enhanced reliability and faster installation.

Available separately or fully integrated into Rain Bird’s 1″ and 1.5″ high-flow commercial control zone kits, the Pressure-Regulating (PR), Quick-Check Basket Filter is the latest addition to Rain Bird’s broad line of drip irrigation products. Its 200 mesh (75 micron) stainless-steel filter element protects drip irrigation components from debris, while its built-in 40 psi pressure regulator ensures that the system receives optimum water pressure. According to Kevin Rantin, product manager for Rain Bird’s Landscape Drip Division, the new PR Quick-Check Basket Filter’s dual purpose offers a number of other benefits as well.

“By integrating filtration and pressure regulation into one product, we’re saving time and money for contractors and specifiers,” Rantin said. “When the PR Quick-Check Basket Filter is integrated into one of our high-flow commercial control zone kits, the control zone kit is much more compact, allowing it to fit into smaller, less expensive valve boxes. It also takes less time to assemble because it requires fewer connections, reducing both labor and maintenance costs.”

Rain Bird’s PR Quick-Check Basket Filter’s quick-check indicator also takes the guesswork out of maintenance with its unique display that clearly shows when the filter needs to be cleaned. When cleaning does become necessary, the filter’s unique design allows for easy vertical access to the element, preventing debris from falling into the line.

For more information about the Rain Bird Pressure-Regulating, Quick-Check Basket Filter or any of Rain Bird’s other quality drip irrigation products, visit www.rainbird.com/drip or call 800-RAINBIRD.