Every profession requires its share of multi-tasking challenges. But leading a perennial powerhouse football team to 40 wins in the past 4 seasons including a 5A state runner-up finish in 2006, directing an athletic program with 12 sports and 24 teams, while growing and maintaining some of the best “coach-kept” athletic turf in the state—simultaneously—can be quite a challenging undertaking to say the least! All three jobs can require full-time attention and commitment. Obviously, in order to meet the demands of all three jobs at once require time management and some very long hours.

What is a typical week like in my world? Let’s pick a week from last August, the time of year when football season is underway, AD duties are numerous, and the growing season is at its peak:

Sunday, 8/24/08:

12:30pm Walk over game field, check for fire ants, mole crickets, weeds etc.

12:45pm Cut game field twice from 2 different directions.

2:00-9:00pm Football staff meeting to evaluate our pre-season game. Install game plan for first game.

9:00pm Turn off irrigation to fields due to a late afternoon shower.

Monday 8/25/08:

7:30am Arrive at EHS. Walk the field.

7:45am Plan practice schedule. Email copies of practice schedules to entire staff. Check emails and phone messages.

8:15am Drive to bus shop for diesel fuel.

8:45am Prepare the weekly football program insert and email it and opponent’s roster to the printer.

10:00am Report for break duty.

10:30am Add students to the eligibility list.

11:50am Report for lunchroom duty.

1:15pm Call to check on injured players not at school today.

1:30pm Call the newspaper for article on Friday’s game. Check emails and phone messages.

2:00pm Athletes report to dressing room. Show film. Lift weights.

3:30pm Practice.

6:00pm Post-practice staff meeting.

6:20pm Mow practice field.

Tuesday 8/26/08:

7:15am Walk game and practice fields. Turn manual irrigation system on for practice field.

7:45am Plan practice schedule. Email copies of practice schedules to entire staff. Check emails and phone messages.

8:15am Mow game field twice from two different directions. Turn off sprinklers on practice field.

10:00am Break duty.

10:30am Prepare for tonight’s booster club meeting. Fill-out purchase orders for miscellaneous equipment and Friday’s pre-game meal. Call athletic trainer for advice on treatment for injured players.

11:50am Lunchroom duty.

1:15pm Meet with two teachers concerning a player’s behavior/grades. Check emails and phone messages.

2:00pm Athletes report. Film. Position meetings.

3:00pm Practice

5:30pm Staff meeting.

6:00pm Booster club meeting.

7:00pm Spray game and practice fields for fire ants and mole crickets.

Wednesday 8/27/08:

7:30am Walk fields. Check for success of last evening’s spraying.

7:45am Plan practice schedule. Email copies of practice schedules to entire staff. Check emails and phone messages.

8:00am Gather equipment and materials to paint the game field.

8:30am Coach Gilmore and I paint all the lines and numbers on the field in preparation for Friday night’s home opener.

8:45am Paint machine will not start. Must go to town to buy a new spark plug.

9:15am Machine starts. We paint.

1:15pm Lunch break

2:00pm Athletes report. Lift weights. Team meeting.

3:00pm Practice

5:30pm Staff meeting.

6:00pm Fertilize practice field and baseball field.

7:00pm Go home for supper.

8:00pm Paint “Tiger Eyes” at midfield and “EUFAULA TIGERS” in end zones.

10:45pm Go home!

Thursday 8/28/08:

7:30am Walk the fields.

8:00am Go over a game day checklist. Check emails and phone messages.

8:30am Call Coach White at Dothan High School.

8:45am Call Coach at BTW High School to arrange film swap for next week’s game.

9:00am Call Kelly Seed Company for prices on perennial ryegrass seed.

9:15am Complete a grade check for all varsity football players.

10:00am Break duty.

10:30am Talk to college coaches who are recruiting our players.

11:50am Lunchroom duty.

1:15pm Complete insurance claim forms for injured players who have received medical attention. Check emails and phone messages.

2:00pm Athletes report.

2:15pm Conduct walk-through practice on game field.

3:30pm Brief staff meeting.

3:45pm Leave to attend our middle school’s game in Troy.

9:30pm Arrive home.

Friday 8/29/08:

7:15am Report, along with players, to First Baptist Church for football prayer breakfast.

8:15am Arrive at school. Make morning announcements over school PA. Check emails and phone messages.

8:30am Meet with offensive and defensive coordinators for last minute game plan details. Watch film on DHS.

10:00am Break duty.

10:30am Check headsets. Call for prices on new DVD/VCR combos to use in film study, and a DVD duplicator. Complete purchase orders for these items.

11:50am Lunchroom duty.

1:15pm Prepare pre-game schedule for players.

2:00pm Players report. Team meeting. Hand out game jerseys and pants.

3:00pm Pep rally in gym.

3:30pm Pre-game meal in lunchroom.

5:00pm Team meeting in weight room.

5:15pm Dress for game.

6:00pm Warm-up.

7:00pm Kick-off.

9:45pm Report score to state office.

10:00pm Staff meeting. Make copies of game for film swap tomorrow. Call radio station for post game comments. Walk field.

1:30am Head home.

Saturday 8/30/08:

9:30am Mow game and practice fields.

12:30pm Go home and rest up for another busy week!

The above is a typical week leading up to a home game in the fall. There are obviously many other duties that were not performed during this week. Turf- related chores such as sweeping, aerating, topdressing, overseeding with ryegrass, weed spraying (for both pre and post-emergent weeds, sedges and broadleaf grasses) and fungicide spraying are performed periodically throughout the year. In addition, all turf and irrigation equipment needs periodic service and repair, which I must either schedule or perform myself.

Winning football games on Friday nights in small town south Alabama is important. At times, it seems that the collective mood of the entire town is elevated when the football team is on a roll and unfortunately vice versa! My goal is to not only provide our athletes and community with the very best possible athletic experiences, but also give them the very best in athletic turf from both an aesthetic and playability perspective. I am fortunate to have a coaching staff and school administration that share my vision and provide assistance and resources to make it all come together.

Dan Klages is head football coach, athletic director and field maintenance supervisor for Eufaula High School, Eufaula, AL.

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