PROFILE Products LLC arrived at this year's International Erosion Control Association (IECA) conference with a very clear theme for its sales team and key strategic partners - "Make It Happen."

PROFILE Products recognizes outstanding distributor efforts

PROFILE Products LLC arrived at this year’s International Erosion Control Association (IECA) conference with a very clear theme for its sales team and key strategic partners – “Make It Happen”. Despite current economic factors and industry challenges, Profile believes great success will result for those who work hard to identify and service markets funded in 2009.

On February 10, 2009, Profile delivered its message during its annual Engineered and Specified Products distributor awards dinner taking the time to honor and recognize strategic partners who made things happen throughout 2008. Profile presented eighteen different awards to sales representatives and companies for their efforts over the last year. Awards ranged from Greatest Growth to the Top Gun prize for total overall sales.

Before the awards presentation, Profile launched the new Profile Soil Solutions Software, known as PS3 (PS cubed). The design and product selection tool, found at, enables design professionals, agencies and contractors to quickly and easily analyze engineering and agronomic parameters to achieve cost effective erosion and sediment control.

The new software was met with great enthusiasm among our distributors, and we know they will go out and put it to use to better serve their customers in the field,” said Marc S. Theisen, M.S., CPESC, CPSWQ, vice president of erosion control solutions for Profile Products. “We are confident that with tools like PS3, we’ll be recognizing even greater successes when we recognize our top performing distributors at the 2010 IECA event.”

During the ceremony, Profile handed out both individual and company awards, including three that recognized efforts by International distributors. 2008 award winners included Tony Blatnik with JMD Company as the GreenArmorTM Gladiator and Bryan Whiteley with EnCana Energy for being a Trail Blazer for demonstrating innovation in action..

JMD Company and ACF West were selected for Most Outstanding Project in the east and west, respectively. And the individual Sharp Shooter awards were given to Cathy Wall of Quality Seeds, Brandon Shaw with ACF Environmental, Dean Kachur from BrettYoung, Russell Chambless of Pennington Seed, Efrain Vega from Agencias Gala, and Lynn Friesner with Reed & Graham.

“These individuals are great representatives of our products in the field, and bring a wealth of knowledge and contributions to the industry,” said Theisen. “We are fortunate to partner with talented people across the country and throughout the world.”

Profile also handed out company awards for Rookie of the Year to BrettYoung out of Canada; the Rifleman Award to ACF Environmental for its promotion of the Terra-Tubes® product; Most Rapid Growth was given to ACF West; Agronomic Excellence to  Pennington Seed; and Ambassador Awards for International sales efforts to Atlanlusi and Comercial Projar.

“It is an honor to be recognized in this way by Profile,” said Aaron Schmidt with ACF West. “The support we receive from Profile’s Marc Theisen, Randy Hamilton, Kurt Chirbas and Becky Gauthier is outstanding. We use a number of different Profile products which has enabled us to break into different branches of erosion control. Profile does a great job of giving us the motivation and materials we need for success.”

ACF Environmental was honored as a sustained contributor with the President’s Club award. And the top honor of the night went to Watersaver Company Inc. for the Top Gun award as the total sales leader of Profile Engineered and Specified Products.