Alignment mechanism built into trailer couplers

QuickBite trailer couplers take the hassle out of hooking up your trailer without ever getting out of the tow vehicle. QuickBites patented “Alignment Rod System” makes it the first and only coupler ever created to have an alignment mechanism built right into the coupler. Combine that with the increased capture area, the automatic latching mechanism and you have the fastest and easiest method for coupling a tag-along trailer to the tow vehicle ever made. You will still need to insert the manual safety pin when you go back to hook up the electrical wiring and safety chains and don’t forget to raise your jack.

QuickBites patented “Dual Jaw Locking System” makes it the safest tag-along coupler ever built. The full ball capture area makes it virtually impossible for the coupler to ever come loose from the ball. Its automatic locking design helps to eliminate human error when coupling the trailer to the tow vehicle. This feature gives the operator peace of mind and reduces liabilities by reducing the damages and fatalities that occur every year on North America’s highways when a trailer unexpectedly separates from the tow vehicle.