TurfEx introduces bulk material spreaders

TurfEx, a new product division of TrynEx International, introduces its line of bulk material spreaders. Designed to mount on tractors, utility vehicles or pickup trucks, the units are equipped with an auger for feed and control of bulk material, including fertilizer, compost, pelletized lime, topdressing, and other granular products. They have the ability to be used in a variety of applications from lawn care to golf course maintenance and are also capable of spreading snow and ice removal products. 

The bulk material spreaders are available in two models: the MS-1875, which features a 9 cubic-foot capacity hopper with a 3-point style mount, and the MS-2000, which has an 11 cubic-foot capacity hopper and mounts to the bed of pickups and utility vehicles. Both models have adjustable stainless steel spinners and also have variable speed control, which ensures precise material feed and spread pattern. Spread width is adjustable up to 30 feet.

Because the hoppers are constructed of patented heavy-duty polyethylene, common corrosion and maintenance concerns associated with similar steel-built alternatives are eliminated. Though the hopper features thick-walled construction, the unit is up to 40 percent lighter than similar capacity steel-built options, making it easier to install or remove and reducing fuel consumption for the carrying vehicle.

To utilize the receiver hitch without having to remove the entire spreader, the MS-2000 is built with a quick-connect spinner assembly. After removing one pin, simply take off the spinner assembly and the vehicle’s hitch is exposed and easily accessible. Compared with competitive models that require the spreader assembly to be unbolted or for the entire spreader to be removed from the truck’s bed before being able to tow, the quick-connect spinner assembly allows this conversion to take place in a matter of seconds.

Each model is backed by a one-year warranty and comes standard with a top screen, fitted cover and vibrator in the hopper.

In addition to the bulk material spreaders, the new TurfEx line will offer many equipment solutions for the grounds maintenance professional, including tailgate-mounted turf care spreaders, spot sprayers, Groom ‘n’ Sweep broom attachments and turf boxes for equipment and material storage.