Drainage failures are one of the major problems confronting owners and operators of synthetic turf sports fields. A proposed new standard that provides a test for vertical permeability of synthetic turf will be useful to designers, testing agencies and contractors in minimizing problems associated with field drainage.

According to John J. Amato, JJA Sports and a member of ASTM Committee F08 on Sports Equipment and Facilities, the proposed new standard, WK22081, Test Methods for Vertical Permeability of Synthetic Turf Sports Field Base Stone and System by Container Flood Test Method, will be a more effective and accurate means of dealing with potential drainage failures than current methods. WK22081 is being developed by Subcommittee F08.65 on Artificial Turf Surfaces and Systems.

“The test in WK22081 does not require special equipment and can be done in the field by a designer or contractor to test the vertical permeability before the field is installed and after installation is complete,” says Amato. “This method does not require the application of a head and more accurately mimics rainwater conditions. Best of all, it provides an opportunity to actually see the surface drain.”

For technical Information, contact John J. Amato, JJA Sports, Westford, MA (phone: 978/692-0247; jjasports@comcast.net).

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