New products at the STMA Conference currently in San Jose

These are among the products that will be on display at the 20th annual Sports Turf Managers Association Conference and Exhibition this month in San Jose:

New turf covers

Covermaster will be exhibiting their new Terraplas and PortaFloor covers that are designed to protect both natural and artificial turf. Terraplas is a simple system of specially engineered, interlocking panels that readily converts any stadium into a multi-use venue to accommodate staging as well as seating for thousands of spectators. PortaFloor is an ideal and versatile roll-out solution in a turf cover that consists of rolls of hinged panels for quick and easy installation and removal. Visit their booth #609.

Timeless verticutting

Art Lewis, president of Turf Specialties, Inc., has exhibited at every STMA Conference since it debuted in Vero Beach, FL. Thatch-Master verticuts are designed to give trouble-free service for many years. Since first introduced 18 years ago they have been chosen by athletic field professionals across the country. They are now used by Professional Fields, Municipalities, Universities, and High Schools. Thatch-Master now uses Carbide tipped blades on all models and we have found that they outlast non-tipped blades by a factor of 10. The thin blades do a neat job and allow healing in one week.


Toro’s ProCore SR 72

Toro introduces a more comprehensive cultivation equipment product line up, which includes both shallow and deep-tine aeration products. The new deep tine aeration line varies in width from 48 to 75 inches and varies in depth capability from 1to 16 inches. These superior deep-tine aerators are ideal for aerifying athletic fields and they will effortlessly help relieve compacted soil.  There are also many tine options available to cover a wide variety of cultivation practices.


Kromer offers synthetic turf version of SFM

The B200 is designed to be the only machine you’ll ever need to maintain all your natural turf athletic fields. A self-propelled riding unit that applies dry lines, wet lines, grooms, paints, conditions, sprays and will cut and paint a line at the same time. Available with 32 attachments means you can customize the unit to meet your needs. ALSO available in a Synthetic Turf version – the SFM is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of today’s synthetic turf fields. Make your fields look and play great with a Kromer.


Barenbrug innovations

Stop by the Barenbrug booth (#1121) and learn more about our revolutionary SOS system. SOS is an overseeding product that can revive your sports field during the season. This summer SOS saved an Alaskan football field with only 4 weeks to grow in and temperatures in the forties and fifties! You can also learn more about our Yellow Jacket seed coating that provides better germination while using less water. Come see us and find out why top facilities like the Rose Bowl and the Philadelphia Eagles trust Barenbrug seed.


Free drainage guide available

Stop in at our booth (#526) in San Jose and pick up a complimentary copy of our revised [ITALICS]Athletic Field Drainage Guide[END ITAL]. This guide provides advice, details, and drawings to assist in draining athletic fields using the premier drainage system. Multi-Flow installed horizontally in synthetic turf, provides uniform drainage without trenching. In natural turf, Narrow Trench Installation Technology is used to minimize labor and maximize effectiveness and durability.


Rotors for synthetic turf

Hunter introduces the new G900 rotor with enhancements designed for the synthetic turf sports field market. It delivers radius capabilities up to 115 feet and offers Total Top Serviceability (TTS), a Hunter exclusive. With TTS, every serviceable component can be accessed from the top without digging or cutting into the synthetic surface, including inlet valve and rock screen, pilot valve, pressure regulator, and solenoid and solenoid wiring connections. TTS rotors are also Decoder-In-Head capable, only found with the G900. All TTS rotors are available in full-circle or 40–360 degree adjustable part-circle configurations, each with a complete range of interchangeable, color-coded nozzles.


New Terra Clean with engine

Wiedenmann North America, LLC will introduce a new Terra Clean with a Honda engine drive for sweeping artificial turf surfaces at the STMA (Booth # 1001). The Terra Clean efficiently collects debris, not only on the surface, but it can also be adjusted to reach the top layer of the infill. The infill is then separated from the debris with a vibrating sifter and is redistributed back onto the field and the debris is collected. Wiedenmann already makes a PTO driven Terra Clean with a working width of 48 inches.


GreensGroomer’s LitterKat

Removal of surface debris from synthetic turf has never been easier. The LitterKat synthetic turf sweeper is a commercially built, ground driven sweeper designed to remove debris from the turf surface without displacing infill material. With dual 12 volt vibrators in the collection baskets, any infill material that is collected is quickly returned to the field. All aluminum construction with a durable powder coat finish allows the LitterKat to be towed by even the smallest of utility vehicles. The LitterKat is also equipped with 6-foot tow behind magnet that pulls unwanted ferrous material from deep within the infill.


Synthetic turf system products from CSG

Redexim Charterhouse is distributing CSG’s six unique products that have been formulated and tested specifically for use on synthetic turf systems. All CSG turf products are environmentally friendly and water-based. TurfD is the only do-it-yourself antimicrobial treatment specifically designed for synthetic turf systems. Prior to applying TurfD it is important to properly clean the turf surface. SportsClean Plus is a cleaner disinfectant designed to work in synergy with TurfD antimicrobial technology. TurfRestore enhances appearance by restoring vibrant color to faded turf, protects against damaging ultraviolet rays, improves fibers ability to stay intact, and slows the aging process. Speed of Play delivers an anti-skid component to fields that allows for better traction and grip on wet or dry fields. It also improves friction, slowing ball movement for better speed controls. Static Stop reduces and eliminates static charge for extended periods of time. Moss Control provides a safe alternative to bleaching or power washing.

Jacobsen UVs get new engines

Jacobsen announces a switch to new Kubota diesel engines for all diesel-powered Cushman Turf-Truckster utility vehicles. The change comes as part of an ongoing effort to improve the quality and functionality of all Jacobsen equipment and will fully comply with new Tier 4 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. The new Kubota engines operate at a lower sound level, have almost 8 percent more torque in the mid-range (where most typical use occurs), and feature an increased cooling capacity that results in more efficient engine operation and a lower operating temperature.

Newstripe’s new NewRider 3000

Newstripe introduces the NewRider 3000 featuring a 55-gallon tank, foot pedal and hand lever for forward/reverse, continuous paint re-circulation, a 13-hp Honda engine, hydrostatic transmission, seat-based operator controls, front and side dual spray heads, a hand wand, removable sun shade and even a water bottle holder.

Newstripe offers a complete line of walk-behind and ride on stripers, field layout systems, the patented Hasmark-Master has mark marking accessory, drags, infield groomers, chalk machines plus standard and custom stencils.


Turfco’s new riding spreader sprayer

Turfco has designed a new sprayer spreader, the T3000 Applicator. Engineered with operators in mind, the unit takes profits to a whole new level while ergonomically making it easier on the user. The stand-on riding applicator operates with ease, minimizes operator strain, and increases productivity. A revolutionary steering wheel design, pivoting front axle and floating operator platform minimize strain and shock on the operator. Cruise control frees up hands for easy operation of spreading and spraying while driving. Additionally, the positioning of saddle tanks, the low center of gravity and hydrostatic transaxle braking system deliver dynamic braking and easy control and stability on uneven ground and hills.

Kubota’s new gas UV

Kubota has introduced the RTV500 compact utility vehicle features a 15.8-hp, liquid-cooled, 2-cylinder Kubota engine, four-wheel drive, and top speed of 25 mph. Weighing less than 1,300 lbs. the unit can tow 1,100 lbs. and handle up to 440 lbs. in its dumping cargo box. It also features electronic fuel injection, ensuring quick easy starts in all weather. Available in orange or camouflage, accessories include 60-in. snow blade, 2,500-lb. capacity winch, work lights and more.


Par Aide’s FieldCare drag mat

The FieldCare Drag Mat breaks up aerification cores easier, faster and better than ever before.  Also works great for grooming and hand dragging infields, striping turf and working in top-dressing. The interlocking 20” x 20” x 2” grid panels let you create any size drag mat based on your specific needs. Made of durable and rust-free polyethylene, it is safer for your fields than steel mats. The FieldCare Drag Mat’s lightweight design allows for easy transportation around your facility. The panels can be stacked or the full mat can be hung for easy storage. 


New player in sports turf irrigation market

After years of success in the fire equipment market, Kochek Co., Inc has recently expanded into the Sports Turf Irrigation market. “There are a number of crossover products which we currently make, such as suction hose and strainers have very useful applications in the Sports Turf Irrigation market. We are also extremely excited about the full line of high quality nozzles and hose that we have developed specifically for these customers. It is very encouraging that our products have been so enthusiastically adopted at so many sports facilities,” says Greg Kozey, the company president.


New turbine debris blower

Buffalo Turbine has produced another industry first with the introduction of the Cyclone² (Squared), which uses a unique “twin turbine” design and is the most powerful turbine style debris blower to date. This workhorse is capable of producing up to 20,000cfm@175mph and with the wireless control for the throttle and independent dual nozzles, you have both the power and the versatility to get the big jobs done quickly, and in many cases in half the time. With todays busy sports facilities half the time means you’ll get the football field, baseball diamond and the Mondo track done today.


Inorganic soil amendment

Lassenite ATS, an extremely porous inorganic soil amendment produced by Western Pozzolan, maintains a superior moisture absorption/release curve to reduce irrigation requirements. The increased amount of air available increases root zone depth and mass while reducing compaction. Recent studies also indicate the addition of Lassenite will assist in the flushing of salts. From golf courses in the Middle East to Sports Fields in the Midwest, Lassenite of the choice of turf professionals throughout the world.


Soil moisture sensors

AquaSpy’s GolfLinx and TurfWise soil moisture monitoring solutions provide an unprecedented level of sub surface monitoring and ultimately irrigation control to the professional turf manager.  Our innovative soil moisture and EC sensors provide a real time cross sectional view of the soil profile showing current soil moisture and salt conditions below the surface and throughout your soil profile. Scheduling appropriate irrigation events for prevalent soil conditions has never been easier as we remove the guesswork. Our system will enable you to irrigate and fertilize only when you need to reducing water use and fertilizer costs substantially. Available from Horizon Turf.



Kifco Water-Reels are a traveling irrigation system that operates unattended, shuts off automatically, requires minimal labor, and is easy to use. Water-Reels apply water evenly to your field at the amount you desire. They will make your field lush and green or can be used to cool and clean artificial turf. These machines are portable so they can be used on multiple fields. At the end of an irrigation cycle the Water-Reel can be removed from the field so there are no obstructions to cause player injury or sprinkler heads that could be hit by a lawn tractor. 


New applicator gun for turf managers

LiquidPro, a new applicator gun for wetting agents, fertilizers and micronutrients, is now available from Underhill International. Weighing only 3 lbs, the lightweight LiquidPro is easy to use, UV-protected and chemical resistant. The applicator kit is constructed from quality components, including a patented Precision Cloudburst nozzle; high-flow composite/stainless steel valve; chemical-resistant siphon/mixing system; and high-density poly-bottle with one-quart capacity. LiquidPro covers 1,000 square feet of turf in less than a minute with speed and uniformity.  The applicator works with both ¾” and 1” hoses (a brass 1” FHT x ¾” MHT adapter is included). 

Hydraway 2000

A unique drainage panel for synthetic and natural turf.  Hydraway 2000 Drainage System offers 11,400 PSF! This is the highest compressive strength in the industry! Not only does Hydraway offer the highest compressive strengths, it has the highest “In-Flow Rates” of over 70% open space for water to get in the pipe and drain fast!


Profile Field and Fairway

Designed for turf applications, Profile Field and Fairway is the first product specifically manufactured to make muddy, native-soil fields safe and playable. In rainy, slick conditions, you can simply dump and rake Field & Fairway into slippery, slimy areas, letting the product absorb moisture to return the field to safe and playable conditions. Also available in emerald coloring to mask wear on turf, the medium-sized particle is ideal for topdressing, and can be used for native soil construction to add porosity, preventing compaction that plagues natural grass fields.


New drag mat designs

Cambridge International presents new drag mat designs that offer dramatic improvement in the aeration and grooming of sports fields and other grass, sand and clay surfaces. The newly designed mats are available in flexible, rigid and custom designs and feature a patent-pending Rivet-Free U-bar that allows for a truly reversible mat with no rivets digging into the surface.  The edge treatment has also improved from smashed to clinched, which prevents snagging. These design enhancements increase strength and prevent distortion of the mats. Booth # 1309.


New perennial ryegrass

Pickseed introduces the new Fiesta 4 perennial ryegrass. As a successor of the original Fiesta (released in 1975), Fiesta II and Fiesta 3, Fiesta 4 represents the most modern type of elite perennial ryegrass.  It’s a product of the Pickseed breeding program, and is highly resistant to Gray Leaf Spot.  Alone, you can use Fiesta 4 as a long-lived perennial turfgrass in the north, and as an elite overseeding grass in the south.


Premium Green professional turf products

Gro-Power Premium Green professional turf products enhance the microbiological soil environment along a full range of growing media.  Each Premium Green formulation is homogenous and provides specific NPK analysis with both soluble and slow release nitrogen sources and micronutrient packages. These products have been developed with maximum input by educational institutions and turf professionals. All basic Premium Green products contain humus, humic acids and beneficial soil microbes. These natural elements aid in improving soil texture, and soil chemistry. All Gro-Power® products are odor free, environmentally safe and contain no sewage sludge, animal or poultry waste.  


New “green” turf infill

An alternative synthetic turf infill material from Geo Safe Play that is organic in nature and contains no crumb rubber is getting a close look from officials across the U.S. in communities where parents and educators are demanding an alternative to the more traditional infill material.  InfillPro GEO made of virtually indestructible coconut fibers and cork, was developed and patented almost a decade ago in Europe, and was recently installed at a school in Cambridge, Mass. The company expects other installations in the coming months across the U.S.  The product is guaranteed for 8 years in any climate.


Line striper

Speeflo is the industry’s toughest and most reliable Line Stripers in the market today. The PowrLiner 800 is a simple compact design and only weighs 65 lbs. This easy to use line striper is powered by a dependable Robin-Subaru 4-cycle 1.1 hp OHV engine. It is equipped LX-60 spray gun with an in-handle filter and SC-6 Reversible Striping Tip with ¼” x 25’ long anti-static spray hose. The PowrLiner 800 is recommended for light and intermittent duty such as small parking lots and athletic fields. 



New soil amendment: VermaPlex

VermaPlex is a new concentrated liquid soil amendment designed to enhance soil biological processes and turf growth and increase turf grass utilization of stored and applied soil fertility.  Evidence has shown that it invokes internal responses in turf, helping to strengthen and improve resistance to many environmental stresses, such as drought. VermaPlex contains naturally occurring microbes and plant-derived extracts, which increase utilization of fertilizer inputs. It contains no animal, yard, or food wastes and will not burn or damage plants. Participants can play on the turf as soon as the applications have been completed.


Bench Zone sideline turf protector

Even steel-tipped cleats cannot penetrate this bench tarp, but rain, sunlight, and air go thru to keep grass fresh. Made with our exclusive tough, durable VIPOL matrix material. Does not absorb liquids, so does not get heavy and smelly like other tarps. Helps protect grounds crew and players from MRSA. Lighter, easier to install & remove.  Can be permanently imprinted in vivid multi-colors. 


Landscapes Unlimited

Landscapes Unlimited is a leader in developing and constructing recreational venues that are precise, aesthetically pleasing, functional, and most importantly, safe for every level of competition across the country.  Whether building a new facility or renovating a single field, the objective is to promote collaborative and long lasting relationships as the foundation for providing seamless project delivery.



UltraDeck is a modular heavy-duty flooring system for stadiums, trade shows, arenas, tents, concerts, expos and any type of special event. EDU is designed to protect turf (2 versions – one for natural turf, the other for synthetic turf) from the stresses and rigors of special events, while also providing a firm and stable platform for staging, equipment, chairs and guests.  UltraDeck modules are 24” x 12” x 1-1/8” and ship in pre-assembled 3’ x 4’ sheets for quicker installs. No tools are required for assembly – installation is quick and simple.  A full-size arena can be installed in 2-3 hours (using 8-10 workers).