Irrigation controllers that make automatic schedule adjustments based on changing weather conditions can ensure that water is applied to landscapes only when it’s needed. Long a leader in this area, Rain Bird is now building on this success by introducing a simple, fast and cost-effective way to upgrade its popular ESP-LX Modular Controller to an evapotranspiration (ET)/weather-based smart controller with the ET Manager Cartridge.

The ET Manager Cartridge easily upgrades new or existing ESP-LX Modular Controllers to utilize professional grade smart weather technology. The cartridge receives hourly weather information from a local Weather Reach Signal Provider (WRSP). Using temperature, wind, solar radiation, humidity and rainfall information along with any site-specific settings, the ET Manager Cartridge automatically adjusts irrigation schedules accordingly. The ET Manager Cartridge also gives the ESP-LX Modular Controller the ability to display real-time weather conditions and log all system activity, including the amount of water applied and the number of days watered.

The ET Manager Cartridge offers a variety of other outstanding benefits. Its ET technology eliminates the need for irrigation contractors to travel to controller sites to make weather-based adjustments or programming changes. Using the ET Manager Cartridge with the ESP-LX Modular Controller can also translate to 30-50% water savings by eliminating watering in wet or windy conditions. Four separate moisture balance settings efficiently water various plant types, keeping them healthy by not over-watering and by properly watering to promote deep root growth.
Because of the ESP-LX Modular Controller’s unmatched flexibility, installation takes only a few minutes. Simply open the controller’s outer door, mount the included ET Manager Receiver (antenna), snap the ET cartridge into the back of the controller and connect a couple of wires (it’s not even necessary to power down the controller.) An easy-to-use set-up wizard walks users through all key parameter settings.


“The ESP-LX Modular Controller has always been a flexible, reliable and user-friendly choice for residential and commercial applications,” said Jeremy Schalk, marketing group manager for Rain Bird. “The new ET Manager Cartridge upgrade takes the ESP-LX Modular’s water efficiency to a new level, saving installers time, and property owners money by eliminating water waste and improving landscape health.”

 For more information about the Rain Bird ESP-LX Modular Controller, the ET Manager Cartridge or any of Rain Bird’s other irrigation products, visit or call 1-800-RAINBIRD.

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