Kochek expands to the turf and irrigation markets

After years of success in the fire equipment market, Kochek Co., Inc has recently expanded into the Golf, Turf, and Irrigation markets.

Greg Kozey, the Company President and Charles Kozey, the Vice President, recently announced  this exciting development at a national sales meeting which took place at the Company’s headquarters.

“There are a number of crossover products which we currently make, such as suction hose and strainers have very useful applications in the Golf, Turf, and Irrigation markets. In addition to these items, we are extremely excited about the full line of high quality nozzles that we have developed specifically for these customers. It is very encouraging that our products have been so enthusiastically adopted at so many golf and sports facilities, says Charles Kozey, the Company Vice President.

“We look forward to continuing to innovate and develop new products to address the needs of our Golf, Turf, and Irrigation clients” adds Greg Kozey

Additional information about the Company’s products can be obtained by calling-1-800-420-4673.