Technology, it keeps changing. Today, as you start up your office computer with the day’s first cup of coffee in hand, you open your PACE Turf Email Weather Alert and it becomes obvious how your day managing turf will unfold.

New Turf Management Information service launched

The PACE Turf Information Center, launched last week, delivers customized weather information straight to your desktop coupled with information that helps you predict pest infestations, periods of turf stress and nitrogen demand. The Weather Alert is just one of a dozen services available through membership in PACE Turf. For an annual fee of $325, PACE Turf is an essential turf information resource that delivers clear, objective and science-based expert advice to turf managers.

PACE Turf was founded by owners Drs. Wendy Gelernter and Larry Stowell. A science-based turf management information service, it provides rapid answers to turf management questions via email alerts, a state-of-the-art website, and print publications. Gelernter said, “We distill research and academic-speak into practices that superintendents can immediately use to grow better turf. And we try to help them save money by preventing problems before they occur.”

PACE Turf is the technology offspring of the PACE Turfgrass Research Institute (PTRI), founded in 1993 by Gelernter and Stowell. Stowell said, “PACE Turf is designed to maximize the digital capabilities that are available today. We can offer more customized, real time and often site-specific information no matter if you are a superintendent in Montana or Barcelona or Thailand or Florida. PACE Turf, we hope, is like working hand-in-hand with your own private turf consultant.”

Additional PACE Turf member services include Monday morning emails with PACE Turf Updates. These contain breaking news on new turf management practices, pests and products. PACE Turf Highlights feature articles on topics from the Update emails and are sent to members 12 times a year. PACE Turf Insights are technical bulletins, and PACE Turf References feature facts, figures and guidelines, such as “Monthly Solar Radiation for U.S. Locations.” Clubhouse Editions are golfer education bulletins that explain the science behind turf management practices in clear and straightforward language. They are designed for posting in clubhouses and other areas where members gather. Additional services offered by PACE Turf, include a fully packed resource website with extensive archives and a turf photo library can be viewed at Becoming a member is easy and can be completed online or by mail by following the instructions on the PACE Turf website. PACE Turf, headquartered in San Diego, is a membership information service that delivers science-based solutions to turf management problems with breaking research news, information and expert advice.