Turfco introduces sprayer/spreader

Turfco has designed a new sprayer spreader, the patent-pending T3000 Applicator. Engineered with operators in mind, the unique T3000 Applicator takes profits to a whole new level while ergonomically making it easier on the user. The stand-on riding applicator operates with ease, minimizes operator strain, and increases productivity. Versatile enough for both residential and commercial properties, the T3000 Applicator delivers precise application effectively and efficiently.

“What we’ve experienced is that operators who have used the T3000 Applicator have seen a dramatic increase in productivity allowing them to increase profits and grow their business,” said Scott Kinkead, executive vice president of Turfco Manufacturing.

Matt Nichols with Jonny Nichols Landscapes added, “With the T3000, our average stop time per round went from 38 minutes to 20 minutes, which has helped us reduce our fuel and labor costs while enabling us to grow our customer base.”

A revolutionary steering wheel design, pivoting front axle and floating operator platform minimize strain and shock on the operator. Cruise control frees up hands for easy operation of spreading and spraying while driving. Additionally, the positioning of saddle tanks, the low center of gravity and hydrostatic transaxle braking system deliver dynamic braking and easy control and stability on uneven ground and hills. The T3000’s ability to fit through a 36-inch gate while also being able to complete 64,000 square feet per fill enables operators to do both residential and commercial properties with the same machine.

Additional features and benefits include:

·   Unique adjustable high pressure/high velocity spray system creates larger droplets, better coverage, less drift and fewer callbacks

·   Separate spray/spread systems – but matching application widths at six-foot and nine-foot

·   Easily adjustable pressure dial allows professionals to quickly change spray widths from six-foot to nine-foot

·   Four-foot trim spray and 15-foot wand makes trimming easy and allows spot treating on the fly

·   Patent-pending mechanical control of the 2-Speed Spinner – flick a switch from six-foot to nine-foot width

·   Exclusive rate control quickly adjusts rate for trimming width eliminating over-application and fertilizer waste

·   Wrap-around deflector virtually eliminates prills – minimizing clean-up