Gasoline-fueled lawn tools produce up to 30 times more hydrocarbons than a typical automobile emits in an hour. However, an alternative will hit major retailers this winter just in time for spring.

LEHR launching first-ever commercial line of portable, propane-powered tools

The Eco Trimmer will be the first product on the market from LEHR’s Eco Series line. It has all the power and performance of a competitively priced gasoline trimmer — but without the danger, inconvenience and environmental effects of gasoline use and storage. 

Consumers will quickly see LEHR products as a breath of fresh air.  LEHR’s ‘Twist n’ Go!’ fueling system is incredibly user-friendly.  Simply twist in the propane canister and start the trimmer – no messy mixing or gasoline storage required.

All LEHR tools will be fueled by a standard 16.4-ounce propane canister making them safer for our environment than any gasoline-powered tool currently on the market. 

With its revolutionary and proprietary technology, LEHR Incorporated is a groundbreaking leader in the research and development of eco-friendly lawn equipment.  Every tool in the LEHR line will help to protect our families and preserve our environment for future generations.