BLOOMINGTON, MN—The Toro Company is pleased to announce that the new Toro® Workman® MD Series utility vehicles – Workman MD, Workman MDX, and Workman MDE – have launched and are now available. 

Through voice of customer research and Toro’s extensive experience in its core market segments, an opportunity was identified to focus on utility vehicle ride quality for increased operator comfort. “The hard work shouldn’t start until our customers reach the job site,” said J.Wade Tollison, Jr., marketing manager for Toro utility vehicles. “Customers have many options regarding the utility vehicles they choose to achieve their desired job outcomes.  With jobs that demand greater productivity than ever before, our customers are embracing the new Workman MD Series with Superior Ride Quality™ (SRQ). This indicates a strong desire for optimum operator comfort for enhanced productivity.”

The SRQ system combines a calibrated, coil-over shock absorber suspension design with a patented Active In-Frame™ twister joint.  Each axle reacts independently to the terrain so that all four wheels remain on the ground.  In addition, the operator platform was extended for additional leg room.  Some of the many customer benefits include greater operator comfort, improved productivity and efficiency gains, increased safety, and reduced job fatigue.




Cutler Robinson, director of golf course operations at Bayville Golf Club in Virginia Beach, Virginia, commented, “Everyone on the crew noticed the increased leg room, not to mention the new suspension system which makes for a much more comfortable ride and allows for a quicker work pace. The best way to feel the difference is to ride one of the new Workman MD Series utility vehicles yourself!”

Aesthetic upgrades to the front body include the latch-opened injection-molded plastic hood, as well as a steel diamond plate floorboard.  In addition, the battery for the MD and MDX gasoline models has been relocated from underneath the cargo bed to outside the vehicle frame, allowing for easier access for the operator or technician.

Other customers who have experienced the new Toro Workman MD Series utility vehicles shared the following testimonials:


Jim Batch, equipment manager at Baycreek Resort and Club in Cape Charles, Virginia, said, “The design changes to the front hood area make it more accessible for a mechanic or technician. Additionally, the battery is so much easier to access.”


Scottie Hines, golf course superintendent at Windsong Farm Golf Club, in Maple Plain, Minnesota, added, “Our mechanic immediately said it was much easier to work on – even routine maintenance on the battery or to change the oil. I would absolutely recommend the new Toro Workman MD Series for your golf course or facility – the price point is competitive, and the comfort and ease of operation make it better than any other utility vehicle in its class.”


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