EAST LANSING, MI—Saturday’s MSU football game should have been a mud bowl, the kind you see in overdramatic movies or in your backyard park. With several inches of rain pelting East Lansing over the past few days, Spartan Stadium’s field should have taken more of a pounding than it did Saturday when the Spartans defeated Florida Atlantic. There were players diving for tackles that slid across the turf, but rarely did you see a chunk of grass impeding players.

At his Sunday media briefing, head coach Mark Dantonio lauded the MSU sports turf managers. Following Saturday’s game, players acknowledged the relative ease with which they were able to move from kickoff to the final tick on the clock. MSU running back Javon Ringer, who apparently didn’t have many difficulties with the field as he ran for 282 yards, said the only problem he had with the field was the excess water that seeped into his shoes.

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