LEBANON, PA—Lebanon Turf announced it will begin to offer two new, innovative fertilizer technologies that will aid in delivering nutrients more effectively.

NutriLife is a proprietary fertilizer catalyst that will significantly increase fertilizer efficiency and turf response. University tests and golf course superintendent usage demonstrate that NutriLife aids in the absorption of nutrients via leaves, shoots and roots thus improving fertilizer performance.  “With NutriLife, our trials over three years have shown that we can reduce the nitrogen required to grow quality turf grass by 25% or more.” states Dr. Frank Rossi of Cornell University.

LSN (LebanonTurf Stabilized Nitrogen) is a unique fertilizer technology that reduces nitrogen volatility and moves quickly into the soil plus provides a long lasting, cost efficient source of nitrogen without flush growth.  LSN has shown to be more cost effective than standard slow-release nitrogen sources in both cool and warm season turf.





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