INDIANAPOLIS, IN—Dow AgroSciences announces SAPPHIRE specialty herbicide created to deliver unmatched control of English lawn daisy, a high-anxiety weed for golf course superintendents on the West Coast. SAPPHIRE has shown tolerance for cool- and warm-season grasses on golf course fairways and roughs.

Penoxsulam, the active ingredient in SAPPHIRE, is absorbed via leaves, shoots and roots and begins to work immediately by translocating throughout the entire plant to achieve control. Unlike other herbicides labeled for English lawn daisy, which require four to five active ingredients, SAPPHIRE provides exceptional control with one, low-use rate active. It can also be tank-mixed with other herbicides for a broader spectrum of weed control.

Penoxsulam is an acetolactate synthase (ALS) inhibitor. This mode of action inhibits plant enzyme ALS, which is essential for the synthesis of amino acids. Inhibition of amino acid production subsequently inhibits cell division to target susceptible plants.


The active ingredient in SAPPHIRE was accepted for review and registration under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative, a program, which began in 1993, that expedites the review and registration decision-making process of conventional pesticides that have been shown to pose less risk to human health and the environment than existing conventional alternatives. Learn more at


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