Ewing Irrigation Products, Inc., in partnership with Hunter Industries, announced its 2008-2009 education workshop series.

Ewing unveils 2008-2009 education workshop schedule

PHOENIX, AZ—Ewing Irrigation Products, Inc., in partnership with Hunter Industries, is pleased to announce its 2008-2009 education workshop series. Green Industry professionals from all segments are invited to fine-tune the skills necessary to succeed and prosper in a challenging economy.

Last season, more than 3,000 Green Industry professionals from across the country participated in 94 seminars held in 16 states and 56 cities nationwide.

“Before I attended class, I had no real technical background,” said Reed Ristvedt, owner of Autumn Accents Tree and Landscape and past participant in Ewing’s Advanced Installation, Troubleshooting and Design workshop. “The course truly advanced my technical skills in lighting and irrigation and provided me with a great foundation.”


Most courses combine classroom instruction with hands-on experience to prepare attendees for real-world challenges. Each workshop offers tips to make daily operations more economical, while helping participants discover strategies to grow their business in the face of increased competition.

This year, landscape and irrigation professionals can take advantage of a wide variety of courses, including:


Irrigation Troubleshooting (offered in English & Spanish)
Advanced Installation Troubleshooting & Design (offered in English & Spanish)
Water Management Strategies/Field Auditing (offered in English & Spanish) – New!
Landscape Irrigation Auditor & optional CLIA Exam
Introduction to Landscape Lighting
How to Market & Sell Landscape Lighting
Build-A-Pond Field Day
Building Small Water Features
Build-A-Pondless Waterfall
Succeeding & Prospering with Water Features
Pond Design & Construction
Polyethylene Fusion Procedures & Training
Turf Agronomic Series

Participants may use their accrued Hunter Preferred Contractor Points to pay for select courses.

For specified courses, Ewing also offers continuing education units that complement the continuing education programs of the Irrigation Association (IA), Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) and the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board.

This past education season, Ewing partnered with the Irrigation Association, the State of Louisiana, Utah Nursery and Landscape Association, Golf Course Superintendents Association, Oregon Landscape Contractors Association, International Society of Arboriculture and others.

This year, Ewing will maintain these relationships and further seek out opportunities for the added benefit of our customers.

Interested professionals can view course schedules, read class descriptions and register for these and other workshops at www.ewingeducationservices.com.