Pioneer’s custom logo stencils

CLEVELAND, OH—Pioneer’s Custom Stencils will transform your gridiron into a living, breathing part of the game! Custom team logos, mascots or special occasion artwork will make your field the pride of your school. An eye-catching team logo is easy and affordable. With Pioneer’s new stencil technology, we can create any stencil design in any size.

These stencils are now made in a variety of materials with fewer pieces and pre-marked for trouble–free assembly.  Pioneer’s stencils are lightweight and easy for one person to handle and clean for many years of use. Pioneer’s Custom Stencils will not splinter or warp, even when rolled up for storage. They are designed to be rugged enough to lie flat on pavement or grass to assure clear line definition. Contact Pioneer to find out how easy it is to have any team logo  made into a custom stencil.

The nation’s leading developer and manufacturer of athletic field marking paints and striping equipment.  Our line-up of natural and synthetic field paints, antimicrobial coatings, striping machines, high-quality stencils and athletic accessories are used by over 25,000 high schools, colleges and professional athletic organizations throughout North America.  No matter what level your field of play is on, Pioneer will make it look like a champion.