g2 turftools, inc. introduces its new Turfslicer

ATHENS, AL—A new company, g2 turftools, inc., has begun the production of a new patent-pending product, the Turfslicer.  It joins three other products: the Turfroller, the Turfrack and the Turffloat.  The manufacturing operation is based in Athens, Alabama. This new invention is designed as a tractor attachment that can be easily operated with existing controls.  It can be installed on a Turffloat frame, to both “float” and “slice” an area of turf at the same time, or it can be installed on a separate Turfslicer frame.

The Turfslicer, when attached to the Turffloat frame, provides an easy and effective way to grind up aeration cores, mix the material with the topdressing and redeposit the material into low areas. At the same time, the unique slicing action of the turfslicer blades also penetrate the thatch area to provide much-needed air space while cutting and replanting existing stolons to promote a healthier, thicker turf. The Turfslicer can also be installed on the optional Turfslicer frame for “slicing-in” of existing turf and sprigs.

Maurice Kincaid, the Head Groundskeeper at Murphy High School, Murphy, NC, has used and tested the new turf equipment.  He says that “the Turffloat with the Turfslicer attachment provided by g2 turftools has helped to greatly improve the quality of the turf on our football field. Those who have seen our field recently have really taken notice and been very impressed.”

For additional information on the three new devices, email or visit the company’s website:  www.g2turftools.com.  Equipment demonstrations are available on the website and will also be available at various turf manager trade association conferences and special events throughout the southeast.