Non-leaching fertilizer

KUNA, ID—Falcon Crest Golf Club has just ordered its second 1,000-gallon tank of Save-a-Tree, a non-polluting organic lawn fertilizer that is having an extraordinary effect on the greens and helping to control rising golf course maintenance costs at the same time.
The only manufactured fertilizer in the world that does not leach into ground water, Dr. JimZ Secret Formula Save-a-Tree originally was developed as a cure for ailing trees by a frequent Falcon Crest golfer, Jim Zamzow. When Falcon Crest was developing a new course, Zamzow suggested testing Save-a-Tree on the greens.
“Golf courses are always concerned about the balance between keeping the course in tip-top condition and using safe fertilizers,” said Jos Zamzow, Jim Zamzow’s son and vice president of TerraLife, Inc., which distributes Save-a-Tree and other organic gardening products. “It’s very unusual to have an opportunity to test a product in golf course maintenance, as it’s rarely feasible set aside part of the course for research purposes.”
The experiments were so successful that Falcon Crest, ranked as one of the top five courses in the state by Golfweek magazine, ordered 1,000 gallons of the organic lawn fertilizer early this spring. A few weeks later they ordered a second tank.
“The results have been terrific,” said Falcon Crest Superintendent Al Sproat, who is in charge of golf course maintenance. “We experienced an excellent green color very early this spring. The grass thrives, but it doesn’t grow too fast, which is important for maintaining putting greens. One of the most amazing outcomes I have seen is that ball marks heal much quicker, which is very important to any golf course.”
Save-a-Tree has other advantages as a lawn fertilizer. Grass grows more slowly with natural fertilizers, reducing fuel and labor costs for mowing. Organic lawn fertilizers also become more cost-competitive as rising energy costs push the cost of traditional commercial fertilizers higher.
In addition, Save-a-Tree is safe for fish and can be used as a lawn fertilizer around lakes and ponds.
Save-a-Tree has a base of sugar cane molasses, selected because it smells good, does not attract ants and discourages nematodes, a type of parasitic worm. Ingredients include nitrogen, phosphate and sulfur. Additional components of the organic lawn fertilizer are a secret, but include “just about everything that Dad’s research has shown to be beneficial to plants,” Jos Zamzow said.
All ingredients in the lawn fertilizer are natural and manufactured in the United States for better quality control, and there are no animal byproducts.
Last year Boise area customers bought more than 75,000 gallons of Save-A-Tree, and TerraLife began national distribution of Dr. JimZ Secret Formula organic gardening products. In addition to saving lawns and all kinds of trees, including fruit trees, Save-a-Tree helps vegetables, flowers and shrubs.

Save-a-Tree’s most famous success story was in 1999 when the Harrison Tree, planted near the Idaho Capitol building in Boise in 1891 by President Benjamin Harrison, was dying and scheduled to be cut down. Dr. Jim donated Save-A-Tree. Even he said the tree had only a 50-50 chance of survival. However, the tree returned to health and grew more in one year than it had in the past three years combined. Unfortunately, it was later cut down to make room for the Capitol building’s expansion.