Syngenta introduces new packaging

With the launch of Tenacity™ herbicide, packaging engineers with Syngenta Professional Products introduced new packaging for the liquid product marketed in one-gallon bottles.  Through ongoing research and customer feedback from golf course superintendents, Syngenta found that customers wanted bottles that were more ergonomically correct, easy to recognize, and provided a smoother pour of the product into a sprayer mixing tank.

Tenacity™ is the first product to feature the ergonomically-enhanced design.  There eventually will be 12 key Syngenta brands of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators available in the new bottle.  The improved design provides:

·         A textured and larger grip allowing users to pour product without removing work gloves

·         An angled neck for ease of pouring with directionality

·         A color-coded cap and label to reduce the risk of confusing product types

·         A  63mm opening to provide smoother, faster pouring without “glugging” of product

·         Calibrated markings to help measure product


The new packaging went through extensive testing to ensure the bottles withstand transportation, delivery and the rigors of handling by the end-user. 

“Syngenta believes in making products that work at every level – from the bottle to the product inside. This improved design is just another way we help golf course superintendents do their job more efficiently,” said Jason Monsees, packaging engineer for Syngenta Professional Products.